Kiwigarden – Healthy & Nutritional Snacks for Baby, Toddlers & Kids + GIVEAWAY!

Ever since I became a mother, searching for product ingredients list become a norm. I will tend to look out for any special unnecessary seasoning, coloring, artificial flavors, preservatives, and sugar. The reason for reducing or preventing them from taking sugar is because sugar tends to make them feel full and therefore leave no room for healthy food. It also causes them to tooth cavity and hyperactivity as well.

When Kiwigarden marketing team approached me for snack tasting brunch, I agreed immediately to attend without second thoughts. Why? Because I used to buy this brand of snacks for my eldest daughter when she started weaning. So I totally trust the brand and know what I’m giving my kids.

Kiwigarden is started out by a Mother who is seeking for healthy and nutritional snacks for her son. The conventional drying techniques that use heat causes lost of nutrients and often comes with unhealthy ingredients, preservatives and artificial flavouring.

She found an innovative process called freeze-drying, whereby they gently remove all the moisture found in produce and lock in virtually all the goodness (nutrients, enzymes, and this unbelievable crunch!).
Kiwigarden uses the finest produce grown in beautiful New Zealand including fresh apples from Hawke’s Bay, the best NZ mixed berries, and sweet and juicy corn, combined with natural yogurt and a touch of premium Kiwi honey. We also add a sprinkling of powerful superfoods like the best NZ blueberries rich in natural antioxidants, acidophilus, and Bifidus, which are gentle on little tummies and fabulous for growing children.

At the event, both girls started colouring to occupy their time.. (Honestly, this does not last very long. -.-“)
Bo Heng: I’m so ready to try now!
This is how I normally feed small bites. Place it in different areas of the table in reachable distance. In this way you can train the child motor skills and hands eyes coordination.
Enjoying their brunch with Kiwigarden Yogurt toppings!
Their new range of snacks!
This is my favourite packaging. Because it comes with 5 individual small packs which are easy to carry and also perfect for a birthday party goodie bag! Talking about goodie bag, I need to stock in more for Didi coming birthday party!
This is how one of the snacks looks like inside. Looks yummy right. It also comes with a zip lock, so you can keep your dried fruits and yoghurt fresh!

I always believe in try it and see it yourself before you buy! Do not wait, just head down to their roadshows to have a feast try out their healthy and nutritional snacks which have no coloring, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Kiwigarden Snacks Tasting
Cold Storage Bugis: Sunday 9 June at 11am-7pm
Cold Storage Causeway Point: Friday 7 June at 11am-7pm
Cold Storage Jelita: Saturday 8 June at 11am-7pm
Giant Tampines, Giant Suntec and Giant IMM: 7, 8, 9 June at 11am-7pm

And if you want to head down to your nearest supermarket to buy these yummy snacks for your baby immediately, you can get it at:
FairPrice Finest and Xtra
1010Mother&Child (SeletarMall, City Square and Punggol Waterway)
Mothercare in Paragon, Marina Sq, Harbourfront
Cold storage (Plaza Sing, Bugis, Causeway Point and Jelita)
Giant stores (Tampines, Suntec and IMM)


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