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StickerKid ~ Door Decal!

The girls received a gift!!


Da..da… it’s from Stickerkid!
I really love their stickers a lot, previously I have blogged about their sticker labels for milk bottles etc, you can read the review here. I have recommended their stickers to a lot of my friends to use it for their milk bottles. How to find such a good product which is dishwasher/microwave/washing machine safe?
Personally I can’t wait until Yi He turn Primary school so I can order more! So going to stick all over her belongings.. haha.. ok a bit o topic.

Pretty Door Decal!
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The door decal is made of high-quality wave fabric which wouldn’t scratch and is fully removable and repositionable!

Let’s start decorating the girls room! EQRFvHeo5VJ-U_BNVFoSgJZt5cARblzI4153eBDe4Dc XFla6HOyqhQQhQHsiD5s2we4qYJsmvGOYn2AiGuU31M
If you have realised, my door texture is not smooth, it comes with some wood natural kind of texture. Stickerkid Door Decals can also be applied on some textured surfaces as wall stickers!

Yi He wants to help in decorating her room door!
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YI He: Mommy why you put so high up!!
In my heart: “Because stickerkid Door Decal is removable and reusable! Later you anyhow paste!!”

One last bit and we are done!
Hubby and I had a small argument on the rain drop. Coz I didn’t really stick it straight like the picture, I was like.. rain got so straight meh! Be creative lah! Haha..
(actually excuses lah.. I’m sucks with sticking small items -,-‘)

Yeah!!! Yi He is really happy, Xin He happy just because Yi He is happy.. Haha..

The masterpiece!
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Now is your turn to order!

Go to this link >

There is 9 design for you to choose from!

Choose one of the designs you like and follow the steps in the picture.
I put “kids room” as their name because I have plans to let my kids share the same room till they are teens. And since I have plans for #3 or #4, that also explain why I choose a unisex design, although colour is purple.haha

When you are at the order page, put in discount code:

You will get 10% discount off for your door decal!

After you receive your door decal, are with me your design ok! 😀
Enjoy the discount!






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