8 Activities to spend our School Holidays 2020

School holiday is coming so I have list down 8 school holidays 2020 activities I have arranged for the kids! Hope it will be a good reference for you!
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When I thought I could make use of my Kidzania Membership and bring the 2 girls to spend the December school holidays 2020 while I work in the cafe, my bubble got burst when they decided to close for good. πŸ™

So, there is no choice but, to find an alternative way, especially on days when all kids are at home during weekdays. Hubby still got to work from home, so I will have to get the kids out before they hijack his zoom meetings.

After some research and planning, I have planned/sign up for the following activities for the kids. Hope my planning will give you some ideas and please feel free to share with me your planning as well!

School Holidays Programme 2020

I signed up for 2 school holiday programmes for Yi He and Xin He from Future Spark Learning Academy.

For Yi He, I signed her up for Public Speaking and Confidence to boost her confidence level since she’s quite shy when we ask her to perform or speak up. As for Xin He, since she’s going for Primary 1 soon, I signed her up for K1 and K2 Prep for Primary School. I feel more worried for her compared to last time when Yi He going to Primary School. Sometimes, I feel that she’s too outspoken and don’t listen to the teachers.

They have other school holiday programmes which caters for aged 5 to 12. Currently, they have a promotion, if you sign up now, you will get $100 off the course fees.

With this school holiday programme, I already settled 1 week of their school holiday! Yappie!!

Future Spark School Holidays Programmes
Future Spark School Holiday Programmes
School holiday 2020 promotion
School holiday 2020 promotion

Volunteer work

Since now we are in phase 2, some of the volunteer activities are back, so it’s time to bring the girls out for some volunteer work.
Got to let them know how fortunate they are and appreciate what they have!

At the same time, I’m also planning to have some special activities for the kids like inviting their friends to our house for tea parties and baking activities. Super love to organise baking activities for the kids. Hehe.. easily spend 2 hours on that.

Indoor Playground

Kidzania was always in my plan ever since we got the membership, but unfortunately, it was closed for good, so I need to source for another alternative for the kids. Not easy to find one which can let the girls play the whole day, get rewards and food for their work. Haha..
I’m still finding the best alternative for the 2 eldest girls so I can work (which means I need a working station) while they play. Not easy to find a suitable one for 9 and 6 years old kids.

As for mummies gathering, we have shortlisted some like Pororo Park or Tayo Station, which they are having a pop-up store in City Square till 31st Dec 2020.

Please feel free to suggest to me which is your favourite!

Tayo Station
Didi at Tayo Station Pop-up Store in City Square


I still have not utilized my fun pass, so I’m planning to bring the kids to Sea Aquarium to see the fishes. The last time we brought didi there was more than a year ago, now it’s a good age to bring him there again to explore the fishes and see his cute little actions.

8 Activities to spend our School Holidays 2020 1
Sentosa Fun pass


Do I need to explain more? I think Zoo or other WRS attractions is a must during the school holiday. Especially lesser crowd now, the kids can have a chance to see and feed the animals. Lucky for me, the eldest still enjoy going to the zoo. This time round, I’m going to print the activities sheet from WRS site, so they can learn and enjoy at the same time.

8 Activities to spend our School Holidays 2020 2
Image From Singapore Zoo


Since I spent most of the time at home with the 2 youngest kids, watching a movie is one of the best ways for me to get away and have some bonding time with my 2 eldest. Also showing my appreciation for their understanding, helpfulness and love towards their 2 younger siblings.

Most likely will be watching The Witches.
There is no promotion for the school holiday, mainly just the usual student pass and card promotions, you guys can visit Golden Village, Cathay and Shaw Theatres for updated promotions!

Picnic / Kite Flying

I have been planning for camping for a long time, unfortunately, we can’t do it now, so I’m changing it to picnic and kite flying. I’ll just have to make sure I choose a good day for flying kite.

Home activities

Home activities mean you do your things, I do my things. Hahaha..
Actually home activities, I can’t arrange so many, I’ve got to be realistic because I have to work (from home). So, I’m just going to let them stay bored and free play among themselves. Like during the circuit breaker, they play camping, picnic, role play and some outdoor games they’ve invented themselves.

8 Activities to spend our School Holidays 2020 3
Home activities with their cousin

Initially, I put down staycation as one of my plans, but I removed it. Because of the current situation, I have to book 2 rooms and a lot of regulations like social distancing, the limit of visitors etc, I decided to give up.
Because it does not make sense for me to have 2 rooms while my kids are still young, social distancing rules, visiting rules plus dining rules. Save me the trouble, and just kiss goodbye to staycations!

While I understand some people are concerned about the covid situation, but in actual fact, I was more than happy to bring my kids to an indoor playground compared to last time. The first reason is that there are lesser people due to crowd control, I have crowd phobia so I don’t really like crowded places.
Second, staffs and operators put an extra effort to ensure their place are clean and sanitize their areas properly.

Our life still has to go on, it’s just a norm for us to embrace the current situation. So, let’s just appreciate that the current situation is still manageable, support local and enjoy the moment with kids.

Share with me what’s your school holiday programmes!


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