3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip

Bintan Anmon resort not only instagrammable, it's also a good way to experience glamping. For less than 2 hours away from Singapore, Bintan is a good place for friends and family to bond for a less hassle holiday.
Bintan Anmon Resort

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June school holiday trip with my #TravelMamas! This time, we heading to the Bintan Anmon Resort Glamping experience. Besides Instagramable glamping tents, there are a lot more kid-friendly places you can explore with your family.

Before that, you can go over to read about our last Desaru trip!

For reference, our trip booking is based on 32 pax. Rates and charges may be different.
Our itinerary for 3D2N, it’s a rough guide, once we have free time, we either let the kids go to Treasure bay to play or some stay in the room and play together.

Ferry To Bintan Bintan Anmon Resort

We booked the ferry directly from Bintan Resorts Ferries. We booked a round-trip Emerald class. Emerald class comes with dedicated & combined check-in for boarding and baggage. Priority baggage handling on arrival and assigned seats. Assigned seats are by the staff, it’s not according to the name list I gave them. The Emerald Class is perfect for big groups or for families with young kids because the priority check-in to and fro plus the use of Emerald Lounge definitely helps in managing noisy kids before boarding.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 2
At Emerald Lounge they provide small snacks and drinks. If you want to buy food I suggest you buy from outside (but not the cafe at the ferry terminal, super expensive!)
Bintan ferry
Can see my 4 kids enjoying themselves sitting together.
That’s the good thing about Emerald class, We have assigned seats (we internally change ourselves) at the top deck.

Anmon Resorts Glamping Tent and Food

They have complimentary transfer services (for details please email them) for us 32 pax.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 3
So funny when I saw my blog name, didn’t expect that.

And since we were early, we put our luggage in the lobby and went for our lunch which we pre-booked in advance. This is also where we have our breakfast every morning.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 4
Our buffet lunch area. You can see what we had in my IGS!
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 5
After lunch, we took the buggy to our glamping tent! They have limited buggies, so plan your time in advance.
Bintan Anmon room
Inside view of Deluxe Glamp Tent. I booked 2 for my family of 7 and added an extra bed in each room. So total I paid about SGD$1020 for 3D2N. There is a mini fridge and a safe box. Don’t worry there is aircon.
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 6
The toilet comes with amenities and also anti-repellent cream. Just to warn you, the toilet is not soundproof.

Overall room review: It can be very hot in the afternoon, but lucky there is aircon. If it doesn’t work, (happen to one of our rooms) just message the service desk people. They repair fast. Since this is a glamping tent, the soundproof is definitely not like a hotel. My friend can hear me raise my voice on my kids. :p Throughout our stay, only a few of my friends encountered noisy “neighbours” but lucky the noise stopped. You can also message the service desk to help with the noise level. They are willing to help.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 7
We also booked a massage in our room while our kids had fun with the rest at the adventure park. The massage costs about SGD$215 for 2 person, 2 hours full body massages, and scrub.

If you have a special occasion, you can request the staff to decorate the room, at an additional cost.

birthday celebration at Anmon Resort
My friend did a birthday celebration at Anmon Resort

We opted BBQ buffet for dinner for our 1st night in Bintan. For the menu selection we had, we paid about SGD$40 per adult and SGD$20 per child, aged 4-11 years old.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 8
I’m impressive.. haha.. after that, I told my friends, we needed a group name. It’s an open space. The big screen can request to play a movie/cartoon but the staff will ask you if it’s okay if the other hotel guests can watch.
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 9
BBQ food was done by the staff. Overall it’s not too bad.
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 10
Our dining area. I advise if you are going to Treasure Bay to play, no need to go back to bathe. It’s still cooling but you are still going to be sweaty and sticky. I love the eating area because the kids can play with sand and watch movies.
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 11
There is a poolside at the dining area. Kids can go up but please have an adult to supervise!

Treasure Bay Bintan

This is where we let our kids have fun for their 1st day and last day – Treasure Bay Bintan. It’s a 2-3 mins buggy ride from Anmon. You can walk but I don’t really advise because the sun is scorching hot during the day. Just make sure you cater 5-10 mins or even longer during peak hours for the buggy to come to you. You can choose to rent a bicycle or scooter from Treasure Bay Bintan for the rest of your trip.

They have various bundle packages for you to choose from, for our kids, we choose the Kids bundle. It costs about SGD$75.50 for 1 child. Anmon guests will have 20% off the package, but you must get the wrist tag from the Anmon front desk before going to Treasure Bay.

The bundle package can be used across all days during your stay if the activity is not utilized by your child. So do keep the paper properly if your child wishes to go back to play.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 12
Included: Indoor playground. It’s unlimited for 1 day. They provide socks FOC.
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 13
Couple float for 1 hour. I don’t know how my kids can enjoy that.
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 14
Prince Moto for 30 mins. Didi is 5 years old, so no issue with riding, but an adult needs to supervise.
Slip and slides – unlimited. Only for 6-year-olds and above, so I use one of my kid’s tickets to play.

You can also take lots of Instagram-able photos over there, like what we did at the staircase to heaven.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 15

Bintan Day Tour

I emailed Bintan Holiday to tell them my itinerary and requirements.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 16
This is the itinerary suggested by the tour company. Rates $48 per pax including kids.

You need not follow my itinerary, as Klook has the Safari Lagoi and Eco farm tour with 2-way transport included and other day tours too!

Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm Tour

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 17

This safari is unique, a very big area but don’t expect a lot of animals like a zoo. Most of the animals in Safari Loagoi are rescued animals. We rented a buggy with a guide(driver) to explore the whole safari, it’s recommended unless you are game for hiking.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 18
The price list for the buggy ride. We took the Animals Feeding package.

You can feed the animals and observe most of them from near. You can see more in my IGS highlight.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 19
Xiaomei feeding deer.
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 20
My close encounter with the elephant and he decided to use his ear and flap me.. πŸ˜›

After the Safari tour, we took the tour bus to Eco Farm which is just a few minutes’ ride away.

At this farm, the kids learn about the ecosystem of the black flies, feeding fishes, and trying fresh honey taken right from the beehives.

Bintan Eco farm
Eco Farm

Mangrove Tour

There are day and night mangrove tours but I choose day mangrove tours. I feel the kids will get to enjoy it more as there are a lot more things to see during the day. Night nighttime tour is to see fireflies which we did at Desaru.

Bintan Mangrove tour
All ready for the mangrove tour!
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 21
If you are lucky enough you can spot snakes and even crocodiles!
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 22
Our guide is very helpful and knows how to take photos very well!

Tips for the Mangrove tour:
– Apply lots of sunblock
– Drink plenty of water, they provide water too.
– Do not use an umbrella or hat (unless it’s very secure) because the wind is going to be very strong!

Lunch & Visit Lagoi Bay Plaza, Lagoi Bay Lake and Lagoi Bay Beach

We had lunch at their local restaurant – Cek Bakar. Food is pretty affordable, maybe because for us we only order fried rice, soup, steamed prawns, and omelette. So the total is about SGD$40.

As for the Lagoi Bay Plaza, there is nothing to shop. The plaza is like a dead town due to COVID.
The Lagoi Bay Lake it’s good for photo taking and the Bay beach is good for water sports if you are keen. So we just go there for lunch, buy a bit of snacks and do a bit of photo taking.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 23
Food like home-cooked food, which is nice. Only the seafood soup is too salty.

Dinner at Kelong Mangrove Restaurant

For our dinner on 2nd night, we decided to settle at Kelong Mangrove Restaurant. They seemed to be partners with Anmon as the staff were promoting at the entrance of the lobby. They provide free transportation to the restaurant which is a bonus for us.

It was a very interesting dinner, where we went back to the Mangrove place again, and took the (different) boat ride to the restaurant.

Kelong Mangrove resturant
There is a photo area and mini-play area to entertain the kids while we order food.
3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 24
Their portion is quite big. Even though we have 6 families, our average spending is about SGD$100 per family. We did not order any crabs, but we have clams, prawns, fishhead, and crayfish


Despite the super hot weather, with just less than 2 hours away from Singapore, Bintan is still a good way to experience glamping and lots of activities for family and friends. While Bintan can be a bit pricey for families, the amazing experiences and less hassle holiday make it worth it.

3D2N Family Friendly Bintan Anmon Glamping Trip 25
Group photo at Bintan Anmon resort.


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