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Today is will be my first month working with my new company. The few weeks of my job was madness. Trying to cope with the calls during busy time, taking in staff complaints and doctors’ mood swings. Relearn my drawing blood technique, making sure that almost 99.9%, I will get patients blood in 1 prick, with minimum pain and no bruises. But some patient just refused to listen to you when you ask them to press for 5mins or not to rub the area, so when they end up getting bruises, they complain and I “kena”! -,-!!

Right now, compliment is getting more, and getting more confidence in getting diffculy veins in just 1 prick. However, there will be one common sentence which patients always tell me after I took their blood.

Patient: At first, when I look at you, I’m in doubt whether you can draw my blood, cause you look so young!

Me: -,-” Uncle/Auntie/Miss/Mdm/Mr, My actually age is not that young! Me already in nursing line for 3 yrs!

So everytime, when someone compliment that I look young, is a good thing, but when come to work is a BAD thing! :X

Anyway, enough of my new job rant. Yesterday had another gatering, this time round is with my nursing friends!! I so miss them!! Hehe… but too bad, Yihshan, Peizhen and Andrea is not able to join us as they are working afternoon shift.

We went to Hanabi Jap restaurant for buffet. Each person is $33+++.
Me busy eating, so didn’t have time to take photos. Haha.. Their buffet style is you order the food from the menu, it will serve it to you directly instead of the usual way we taking the food at the counter. So just order as many as you want!

At first Yanpeng told me each person can only order 10 dishes. So I try to think carefully on what to eat, after that then she told me she bluff me!!
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We ordered Sake 300ml to try out. We gals seriously have no idea which type to order, so we choose the sweetest one on the menu which is +1 base on the scale of -20 to +20, the smallest the number the sweetest. But still it taste quite bitter.
I feel like it taste abit like vodka, but more smooth and with a fruity sweetness taste.
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Trying to taste..
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Sueching and me
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Group pics outside the restaurant
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Happy mommy, happy nurses.. can’t wait for the baby to arrive! πŸ˜›
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When we went to the carpark, we saw this very cute yellow vintage car, with polka dots! Since I’m wearing yellow on that day, I run over to take a pics of it!!
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Me with the cute car!
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Me again! But this time round my smile is so huge and even though with Sue’s finger blocking abit of the photos, I didn’t reatake because….
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The owner and his group of friends came!!! While we were taking the photos, one group of people came down from the stairs. One guy happily said to his friends that someone is taking a pics of his car!

Upon hearing that I faster grab Sue ching and run towards another direction, but the guy still happily said you want to take with me?! -,-“

I only can reply with a smile saying its ok and sorry and faster ran off! In the car all of them were laughing at me, I can feel my face super hot!! This is not my first time taking pics of nice/cute cars but this is my first time that the owner did turn up!! I was glad that he didn’t get angry with me..

I really end the day with so much laughter..lolz..

Here’s my wear yesterday!

Forever 21 tube dress, sandals from NOVO, bag from VS and sunflower earrings.
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Night night everyone!!


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