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Bad News & Good news

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Have Bad news and good news to annouce. Which want you guys want to know first? Maybe start with the bad news..

Bad News:
I tender my resgination letter early this week.

I know I only work for the company for just 1 month, I also take a few days time to think whether is it a wise decision to quit my job. I love taking blood, I love my colleagues and my boss. I think I break my boss heart, coz in the D&D she talk to me treated me so well. -,-”

Good News: (There is 2 good news!)

1.) I found a new job. :X Is still at the same building but different job scope. Will be under eye specialist ~ Ophthalmological clinic as a clinic nurse taking care of minor OT and assist Dr. Of coz the very big reason for changing is because of good pay (higher then dipolma – good reason for “jumping”), good bonus and nice doctors. That why I decided to let go my Phlebotomist.

So I will offically leaving my “vampire” day end of next week, and become a “windows to the souls” missy on the 3rd week of June.

2.) I GOT INTO UNSIM!!! Yes, I’m so happy! Initially, I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it because of the high application rate and also the interviewee ask me whether I’m willingly to wait till next year Jan intake anot. This remarks makes me sad for few days lor!

I apply for Bachelor in Counselling cum Graduate Dipolma in counselling. Earlier on I mention that I want to take up Psychology but the modules for SIM have change into more of like a business organisation behavior Psychology which is not my interest so I decided to make a switch. 😀

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Benny also got into RMIT in Econs and Finance. So he and me will be able to study part time together! 😀 But good for him coz his diploma is related so he only need to study for 2 years, but for me I need to study for 4 years!! So long.. but its ok, times really flies very fast. XD

I hope you guys will be able to catch my happiness and hope you will have good news too! 😀

Celebrated Lionel’s Birthday on Monday at Wine Network (thanks to Barry again). We really have lots of fun and laughter. A good excerise for my stomach, as we all laugh until stomach aching!

(Thanks to Yifei for the pics!)

Never take pics of the food as I order the same old dishers. 😛

Suekay and me.. we love the Spinach Pizza!
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Lionel and Yifei
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Me, Lionel and Suekay
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The 4 of us.. (abit blur 🙁 )
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Oreo cake done by Suekay! Thanks for the cake gal, its yummy! (but must save the cheese next time :P)
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Birthday boy *shy* coz we sang happy birthday song so loud!
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Cake cutting! All the best Lionel!! 😀
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End this post with my wear for the pass few days!

Went out with Benny’s family for Lunch.
Knit cap from taiwan auction, Esprit top, Gio pants and NOVO green Melissa Mary Jane style shoes.
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Celebrating Lionels’ birthday
Turtle neck tunic top from F21, belt from SENSE, leggings, Gojane heels and Cigar box bag.
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My baobei…
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Mom and sis finally back from taiwan.. Thanks Sis for your buys, I love it! I miss my family over at Taiwan.. How I wish I can go back too.. but can’t got to settle my new job, my study and money!! :X

**Night night everyone**
Btw, I’m having a spree for F21 and gojane, if interested just go to


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