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The new joy

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I believe for those who have been follow my instagram or FB will know that we are going to have a new family member this year! Yes a baby which I have been hoping for ever since the arrival of my 1st one. I just can’t wait to smell the baby smell again!! Haha..

Was happy and worried at the same time because I just switched to a new job recently, but after that I couldn’t careless, because if things does happen, what for I spend my whole few months worrying? Is not that my hubby income will be able to support me, I still prefer to have my own cash, so I just tell myself the most I do private nursing, suffer pay cut and thats it. Its just a matter of whether one is willingly to suffer a pay cut. Life is definitely tougher with sudden drop of income, so got to cut down on lifestyle and shopping spree. Maybe its a good chance for me to just be a SAHWM.. hahaha.. 天无绝人之路…

Say hi little one~~
The new joy 1

The sex of the baby is unknown yet, but I do hope is a girl haha.. recycle all the clothes over again, But if its a boy is also ok, he still can wear jie jie clothes (except those to flowery and frills) because I also bought some boy pj when carters was going on 70% sale, coz the girls size and collection doesn’t have much choice.

I also save money on baby cot, as I won one last year from Infantino. This really can save me a lot of money! Is a Vermont baby cot which is something similar as our 1st baby cot which you can use up to 50kg
The new joy 2

So the only splurge i indulge is baby diaper bag and twin stroller.
Actually I didn’t really have a diaper bag when I had Yi He. The first diaper bag we had is actually just a normal big bag from naraya, but that was way too big so I sold it away after that. When hubby got Stokke as my stroller, we bought one whole set of accessories too, which includes the diaper bag. So that has been my diaper bag eversince.
But since I will be using my twin stroller more, and don’t wish to seperate my stokke set (not going to sell it), so decided its time to buy a good one. So after reading reviews and searching online I decided on Juicy Couture diaper bag.
Although the current design is not as pretty as past season but I don’t have any regrets buying it, as specially it was on such a great deal! Additional 50% on top of the sales price.

Hubby ask me why I choose leopard prints, I told him I got too many black bags and the pink colour is not to my liking so I left with leopard prints, loud enough and I feel it suits our new pram.. hahaha..

Its waterproof inside including the side pockets which makes cleaning a lot easier. I believe all the mothers will have experience, milk bottle, biscuits crumps or milk powder leaking, which makes the usual diaper bag so hard to clean. The JC diaper bag also comes with a changing mat, bibs and wipe case.

Damage (using CGW shipping): ~S$220
Get it @ www.juicycouture.comThe new joy 3
“Modeling” my new bag.. >.<
The new joy 4

Now time to show you guys my twin stroller!! The reson for getting one twin stroller because I always bring my daughter out alone for shopping, grocery etc, so there is no way I will be carry a new born and chasing my little toddler who is at the age of exploring. Don’t wish to be a siao char bo chasing little bunny run the shopping center, that’s also the reasn for me training her to be in pram for long.
Is a pre perego twin stroller! This caught my eyes immediately! I’m quite fussy when comes to stroller. I don’t like light weight stroller, because I like to hang my diaper bag, shopping lots etc on the stroller ~ love hands free! When I get on to MRT or roads which are uneven, heavy duty prams don’t easy get stuck and also shock absorbers. I like prams to be higher than normal, so I no need to bend down so much and my kids no need to see everybody legs or admiring which shoes is better to puke on it. And also I can adjust either both seat front facing or face me. Cool!
The most interesting part is the “steering wheel” hubby keep laughing at me “driving” it.. So going to master it before bringing them out!!

Damage: ~S$1500
Get it any baby hyperstore or departmental store.
The new joy 5
The new joy 6

Enough of the shopping, lets come to my diet!! Everybody has been asking me whether is there a change in my diet, so they want to make a guess my this little baby will be a boy or a girl. Unfortunately there is not much drastic change compare to the first one. Still the same thing, almost becoming vegetarian, have to eat lightweight food. Except that time round I can’t eat prawns.. emo to the max.. but can still drink prawn soup, porkrib soup.. but not beef > no way for both of my pregnancy.
As for whether is there any sudden popping of pimpes, fortunately for both pregnancy i didn’t have much on that.
So its for you readers to guess and see if you are right!! 😛

As for my duaghter, I have told her inside my tummy there is a baby, I’m not sure how much she can understand, but so far she is accepting it very well. Every night when I accompany her to sleep, she said she want to sleep with baby and move herself towards my tummy. Every morning and every night she will say greet my tummy too. My girl does have an obession with baby, if I bring her to the mall, she saw a baby and if I refused to let her see, she will cry and say she want to see the baby. -.-” So I’m not sure how is she going to react with a baby who is going to share her room, her toys and also parents love. Even though every night I tell her baby will be sharing your toys, she need your love, your attention blah blah, she keep nodding her head and says she understand.
We shall see when the little one pops out, better keep our finger cross!

By the way, I’m arranging a prenatal pilates after CNY for pregnant mommy (2nd trim onwards), those interested please email me or msg me at 900809 six zero, so I will let u know the details including charges and location. Money is pay directly to the instructor/center, I’m not earning it, so don’t bargin with me the charges yah..


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