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Stretch marks…

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Stretch marks… It’s such a irritating thing to talk about!! Although I am really fortunate enough of not having it during pregnancy, but I am not so lucky during my teenage times. Strange? Yes, I have had stretch marks during teenager times but not during pregnancy.. Ahh, whatever!

Anyway… here’s more information about stretch marks >

Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. It happens when the skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching. Although the skin is fairly elastic, when it over stretches, the normal production of the collagen is disrupted. As a results, scarring is formed.
So, not only pregnant mommies get stretch marks, you can get it when you grow or gain weight very quickly which is likely during puberty age (just like me -.-), stretch marks also happens to people who are obese and body builders.

So many years, people have been trying all sorts of ways to get rid of stretch marks or preventing it, frankly speaking, preventing is a lot easier than getting rid of your “bff” aka stretch marks. PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE!~

Anyway up till now, there is a lot of ways you can prevent or reduce the chances of getting stretch marks but there is NO proven ways or methods to get rid of stretch marks (that’s why it’s your bff -.-“). So do not be deceived by advertisements or unethical beauty salons telling you that they can help you to get rid of stretch marks.


So I haven’t been really buying or trying any products on my stretch marks because I do not wish to spend money which does not work. I’ve only used these products when just testing out those samples..  (不想花冤枉钱!) Obviously if the samples do not work, I do not buy!

But now, I can safely introduce a product which I know and have tried which can really reduce (slightly because I only applied for about 2 weeks) and  also comes with lifting effects!! I notice the lifting effects because I was looking myself in the mirror, between my left and right thigh. By the way, I only apply on my right thigh so I can see if there’s any difference. Although this stretch marks cream is not really targeting on slimming, it should be firming of the skin which makes the difference!!

Introducing the Celebrity’s Choice Anti-stretch Marks cream!!

Bio-essence anti stretch marks cream is specially formulated to restore and maintain skin elasticity, increasing skin’s resistance to distortion, preventing the apparition of stretch marks while soothing and moisturizing skin.

So what special ingredients does Bio-essence have that makes it so special?
Bio Mineral Amino Acid and Bio energy Fluid > Promote the formation of the collagen, skin’s elasticity is restored and cell renewal and regeneration is promoted to slow down skin’s aging process.
Various Proteins, Enzymes and vitamins > to nourish and smoothen, areas of skin with stretch marks.
Olive Oil and Aloe vera with anti-inflammatory > Sooth itch and sensitive skin

The texture of the cream~~

This is the most important part!! Results proven photos!!
Area: Big Thigh, more towards the hip

The before photo obviously is taken slightly further compare to the after photo, but the uneven marks is SO MUCH OBVIOUS in the before photo (where the red arrow is pointing)!! So after 2 weeks of applying, it actually smoothen down the uneven marks!! Surprise right!
Remember I mentioned about the lifting effects, I did not take photos on that because it’s not really obvious in the photos but I can see from my eyes if I’m standing in front of the mirror.

I think pregnant mothers should really try this, either to prevent stretch marks if you are pregnant, or if you have already given birth and wish to reduce the colour of the stretch marks. Especially for pregnant mothers, this cream does have a cooling effect, those who have been through pregnancy will know that the expansion of your stomach will cause itchiness and discomfort, I believe this will really help a lot since it has an anti-inflammatory function.

Seeing is believing, need I say more?? This is really my thigh hor, but it’s at the hip area lah, so don’t try to squeeze your eyes to observes my thigh to see if I have stretch marks.. unless if you have x-ray eyes.


You can get it from Watsons, Guardian, Major departmental stores and SASA etc…
PRICE: S$39.90 for 200g

Note: Do not use it on breast if you are breast feeding, and if you are pregnant, you can only used it after 3rd week of pregnancy.

Just “LIKE” Bio-Essence FB Page and “Follow” my FB page will do!!

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