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SNEC Eye Care Day

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Last Saturday was SNEC 14th Eye Care Day. This year was a special event both for SNEC and for me. For me is because first time I will be participating in such a big event ever since I started work in Sept. As for SNEC this is their first time having an event with a carnival. In the past, it was just a purely free eye screening event for the elderly. So now not only they have a carnival, there are also many organisation participating and also have free talks from morning till afternoon.

Breakfast before all of us start working!



The stage area.


Me and the mascot which is the theme of the Eye Care Day ~ Alice In Wonderland. Guess what they are all medical students! Initially I thought they were hired from the PR company, but they are not. Kudos to their hard work! Especially the rabbit, so poor thing.. he have to keep his energy high man!
wpid-20131109_091936.jpg wpid-20131109_092925.jpg wpid-20131109_094113.jpg


Nice t-shirt logo~


 Here comes the VIP ~ Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance).

Launched of SNEC 14th Eye Care Day!

The bouncing castle for the kids! We also have people from standard chartered bank (in white t-shirts) to come over and help out the event. Most of the staffs are very helpful, thanks to them also otherwise it will not be possible!

The everybody-loves / those-in-the-80s-will-know, MILO VAN!! I miss this so much during secondary school sports event. I’m not sure how the milo is being make, it taste so yummy and different from the way we make.

What adults and kids love ~ popcorn and candy floss station!
The aunties and uncles love ice-creams! They form a real long q to just have this! The ice-cream was wiped out in the afternoon. That was real fast.

wpid-20131109_104154.jpg wpid-20131109_104159.jpg

 Singapore Guide dogs Association is one of the invited vendors for this event! Everyone was so excited when Cassandra and her guide dog ~ Esme is here. I was hoping my hubby is able to fetch Chicken Little to catch a glimpse of the guide dog but he couldn’t make it on time.

Cassandra giving talks about guide dog association. Esme is very obedient, she just lie down quietly by Cassandra side.


Is not easy to train one guide dog. Even though they try to breed them, hoping that there will be higher chance (due to genes), not all will become a guide dog. To find out more information and know how you can help out visit this website > Singapore Guide Dog Association

You can also order online a small little guide dog push toy key chain for $10 or a tote bag for $18 to help a bit. 🙂 Don’t you agree with me that the guide dog push toy is so cute!
*Photo taken from Guide dog association FB


 After the talk me and my colleague went to have a try on “Dialogue in the Dark” which is a collaboration between Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Dialogue Social Enterprise.
This activity is aims to raise awareness about marginalized people in our community.
We are brought into a complete darkness room to complete simple activities like finding and sitting down on our chair, trying to drink a packet drink and eating a packet of biscuits.
It seems such a simple tasks but we took quite some time to finish it.
When I first step into the room, suddenly I have this unexplained fear in me. I hold on real tight to the instructor who is in front of me. The instructor has had his vision about 90% lost? I’m not sure how exactly they weight their vision, but during proper lighting he can figure out images although is not clear and completely blind when the night sets in.
You can check out their facebook page > DID Singapore Facebook and their main webpage > DID Singapore


 Met the courageous medical students outside the auditorium!

Accompany my daughter to watch this comedy show. Not sure what you call this actually.. but it was real funny! I don’t think my girl really understand but when she saw funny actions she will laugh or when the crowds laugh /clap she follows.
wpid-20131109_143342.jpg wpid-20131109_144028.jpg wpid-20131109_144606.jpg

After the show, I bring her around to have some games and activities.
Mainly all activities are link with eye care, eye knowledge etc. Can see the organising team putting in a lot of effort.
wpid-20131109_150156.jpg wpid-20131109_150703.jpg


My boss ~ Mdm Ho. She is one of a lady I really admire. At Age 70 plus still actively working and more energetic than us! She was previously a Director of Nursing. They always say child don’t lie and they are more friendly to people who are good people. My girl rush to her and wants her to carry, refuse to let go of her! Ahyo… My boss ask me is it I beat her.. I’m innocent!!

Playing on the stage with another boy. The boy is a real dancer, he literally dance at every single song and with an ending pose too!

Saw this beautiful purple flower at the stage area..

My girl came back with stickers paste all over her body -.-” speechless….



Sunday was a raining day, we didn’t really plan for an activities. So it was a stay at home Sunday. Both me and chicken little have our wonderful nap till hubby back from his work.
Was planning where to have dinner then I decided to go to Changi Airport to see the planes!

My outfit on Sunday. Bad hair day ~ that explains the cap. My stylo girl > The sun was quite glaring so she is happy to have her sunglasses on. My vain girl.. hahaha.. it runs in the genes yah..
wpid-20131110_094127-1.jpg wpid-20131110_165659.jpg

Cute M&M!


 The Christmas decoration is on the way! Is a sponge bob theme.

Monkey girl! I was talking to my mom regarding my girl. I was thinking not sure is it because the way I teach her, she is very good with her motor skills compared to her verbal skills. For example: I always teach her to climb to her baby chair herself from one chair to another, or climbing up her bed or my bed, helping out in my household chores. If she can’t do it, I will ask her try again till she can. That’s why she can climb the slope well especially at her age. So we decided to see my next baby, whether he/she is motor or verbal.


 The plane is here!!


A short fun means a lot to her because who accompany her is what she enjoy most!

Have a nice week!!



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