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Had a short interview with our local chinese newspaper, Lian He Wan Bao last week, during the first preview. Below is the report that i have scan. Only scan my part.. coz i find it funny.. when i saw the newspaper article.. I had a shock.. thinking since when my b***** is so damm big..

Anyway thanks gals.. and friends.. Benny and me so far ok now.. He came and watch my preview on the 17.. Actually having this break is good.. coz we really miss each other alot.. Don’t worry.. 🙂

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Ok going for fitting tmr… need to sleep early coz working am shift.. 🙁 Don’t like to work am shift coz have to wake up early.. but i always sleep like a pig.. -o- zzz But no choice.. don’t have so many off days to spare so have to request am shift for my fittings, rehearsals and previews…

Today also had anither interview with another chinese newspaper.. Hope they will choose a nice pics.. and wrote my chinese name correctly.. coz the above one.. is wrong for my “QI”..

Talking about today.. my work is ok, except for one new case.. is an old lady.. First time in my nursing life I have actually transfuse a total of 7 pints of solution in 4 hours!!! But her urine output is only less than 500mls.. (each pints is 500mls… so total is 3500mls!!).. That shows how dehydrated she is.. body is taking in all the fliuds.. and her bp is damm low.. 70/40mmhg.. Kaoz… Actually family member should take extra precaution towards elderly. Even though they don’t want to take soild food, they take cereal, or milk feeds is still not enough, water and nutrients is very important to them! So if they started to take cereal, non soild food.. must bring her to see doctor for dietician referal, so that they make sure they will have enough water and nutrients.. Hope she will survive through.. Seriously, after working in hospital for 2 years, i really felt that our old ppl in singapore are neglected. Family don’t want to visit them when they are in hospital, or always throw to maid, throw to nursing home.. Sometimes i really wish they will be throw into nursing home one day.. Ok thats all!

Nitez everyone..


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