Skingo – New Beauty Salon – 15mins Express Korean Facial

If you love facials or keen to do facial but hates the pushy sales process, or even, signing up packages with long term commitment, you should check out this new beauty salon – SkinGo! Skingo is an express Korean facial for all skin types. No packages, no commitments needed! Inspired by the Korean beauty mantra on skincare, they advocate safe, effective, hygienic and time-saving facials with advanced science technology.

Outside view of SkinGo
My skin therapist for the day!

As a mother of 3 handling multiple roles, we are forever chasing for time. Sometimes, we put our family first and forget that we should be taking care of ourselves too! For example, I have had a hectic July, not only because of school reopening, gynae appointments, work deadlines, and 2 little kiddos birthday to arrange. With Bo Heng not going to any infant care means I’m always running errands with me. So going to the salon to do up my hair or a facial is really quite a challenge especially when my youngest boy is at the adventurer/explorer stage.

The place where you do your facial. They have curtains between sittings to ensure your privacy.
SkinGo skincare products mainly from Korea and Japan.
The machine they are going to use for your facial.

So how does this express facial works?
1. You can just walk into the salon, yes without an appointment (the beauty of it)
2. Choose the type of facial you want.
3. Make the payment.
4. Head inside for your facial,
5. 15mins, and you are done!

The price? From $28 to $50! Affordable facials!

So easy right!
And now let the pictures do the talking!

Choose the type of facial you want according to your skin type.
eek.. the dirt.. already considered not bad lah hor… Mainly in my T-zone
Curious Bo Heng. 15mins, really perfect for mother!
After the facial. The right side is the water for cleansing, The left side is after all the cleaning and exfoliating.

Ok, I’m sure you have some burning questions regarding their facial!

1. Is the facial salon staffs trained to do facial and equipped with medical knowledge?
Yes, they are personally trained by professionals in the field and all have years of experience prior to working here.

2. Since the cleansing is using suction and different kind of techniques, how will it affect customer with serious acne problem?
For people with normal skin with no issues, Skingo uses the drag and suction method. But for customer with acne problem, we will reduce the suction pressure and no dragging across the skin surface. In fact, with our advanced science technology machine, it helps to reduce acne inflammation.

3. Is there any downtime?
No. You may experience some redness due to sensitivity but it will go away soon. (I did not experience any redness at all)

4. Is this facial pregnant and breastfeeding safe?
Yes, it is suitable as long as no radio frequency is used.

Ok, that’s all I can remember. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact them at their Instagram or post your comments below!

Thanks to SkinGo, they are giving my 2 lucky readers for a facial treat! Find out more on how to win by going to my Instagram @missyqiqi. Contest ends on 3rd August and may the force be with you!

Opening hours:
Mon – Thurs: 11am – 9pm
Fri – Sun: 11am – 9.30pm
Tiong Bahru Plaza #B1-124
302 Tiong Bahru Rd,
Singapore 168732

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2 Lucky winners for SkinGo facial. Contest ends 3rd August 2019