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Last few days of June~~

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A big welcome to July!! Not sure if you can share my joy and anticipating feeling of this particular month ~ July. Few weeks of preparation for the coming up baby expo fair (4-6 July) and 36 weeks of pregnancy (another 4 weeks to go) to cuddle, smell, sleepless night, become moo moo cow again in end July (Edd is 29 July)!!

Such an exciting month for me hur… but exciting month also means busy for me.. especially the last few days of June.. loads of stuff to do. Silent my whatsapp groups chat so I can concentrate on my stuff, coz once I start to chat forever no ending.. *so talkative*

Chop of my hair on Friday, actually didn’t expect to chop of so much, but since I decided to cut off my dried ends, so I’m not so upset about it. But hubby is kind of upset about it haha.. he said no need to chop off so much since my hair have improved a lot ever since I used the Asience Hair mask. 



Still in sleepy look.. haha.. after breakfast went straight to cut my hair.. looks not bad hor.. imagine after washing my hair and not blowing it dry or to style -.-” That’s th thing about shoulder length hair..

After that went back home do some housework and fetch Yi He in the afternoon and off to visit gynae!



20140627_140026 20140627_142731

No baby photo lah.. haha.. head already engaged, so basically you can’t see much from the scan. Now is only the waiting game.. Praying hard that baby mei mei will be a good girl and stay inside my tummy for 40 weeks!! Though is a bit tough since this is not my 1st pregnancy, but still hoping for a miracle!! Best is August lah.. near my birthday.. hahaha..

Snacks at KKH! Hubby don’t really like it, he still prefers the one he had in Malaysia… I do agree also, I find the chocolate in my crepe is too little.. >.<
20140627_163323 20140627_163338 20140627_163544

Went back home to nua for few hours and meet my mom and sis for dinner at my favourite porridge place! Love the service there, uncle will help u make way to park your car.. so basically parking there is not an issues although it seems so hard to find a parking slot.

My sleepy head daughter..



Helpful uncle giving directions to my bil..


My girl can’t wait to see her cousins.. *suddenly wide awake*

Selfie again!! #selfiequeen


Friday is actually my nua-ing day before the start of getting myself busy for the baby fair..


First stop ~~ Parents and teachers meeting sessions on Saturday
Some of the artwork Yi He done in school

Photos of her doing activities. 20140628_101609 20140628_102443

The session with the teachers is quite a quick one for us, because we are more particular in her well being than anything else… So we just ensure she is eating well, socializing well and no major issues and off we go ~~ to warehouse…

My outfit that day~~
20140628_115416 20140628_115428

The busy starts ~~~ new stock coming in, packing, unpacking, pasting stickers etc..
Don’t worry, me sit down (almost 6hours plus) pasting stickers lah.. rough job done by hubby.. but hor sit also very xin ku.. got backache -.-

Starting ~ My girl busy doing “colouring”

After that she starts to disturb her daddy while he is moving goods, so I ask her to help me with stickers..
When she is very slow and starts talking non stop I ask her hurry up.. but when she is fast, I’m slow.. she asked me to hurry up -.-”
IMG-20140701-WA0025 IMG-20140701-WA0027

After 2hrs plus, she get bored with stickers, she went to pick up rubbish… Actually she already amused me by helping me with stickers for 2-3hours.

After working and playing hard for 3hrs.. is reward snack time for her…
Don’t play play my girl got muscle (maybe its fats) after helping us out.. hahaha…
20140628_150856 20140628_151058

After snacking.. time for her to have her nap..accompanied her for awhile (continue pasting sticker), till she fall asleep.

Lastly, we end our day with celebrating my secondary school good friend’s son’s 1st year old birthday!


We went back to the warehouse again for some breifing sessions for our new part-timers for the coming expo fair.. I can say it’s not easy to find staff, especially staff who are married with kids.. lol.. I feel that they are the best candidate to explain baby products, nevertheless I shall give my new team a clap for taking up this tough job. Its not easy for a non-parents (i do have staffs who are married and parents also lah) to understand and absorb baby products, especially me trying to them about weaning stage, chewing blah blah…. Hope they can do well.. not work like a aggressive sales persons.. main thing is to educate parents on our products. 🙂

Before that, we went to hubby’s Estima club gathering, is the celebration for one of the guy workshop opening. 🙂

The Estimas ~~

Top view
Last few days of June~~ 1

My outfit on that day ~~ censored my face.. coz super puffy O.O

20140629_095804 20140629_095808

Now time for wedding dinner! My look of the day

My girl napping at the wrong time.. coz one whole day of event, didn’t manage to let her nap.. so she fell asleep while on the way to the hotel.. only wake up after the bride 2nd match in…
her wake up also out of sudden, she suddenly sit up, keep looking around to see where is the bride.. hahaha.. coz I told her we are going to see beautiful bride tonight..

Super good life for a child, sleep > eat ~~~

Selfie with daughter after she wake up!! Yay!! *still not in the mood yet*
20140629_214113 20140629_214118 20140629_214126 20140629_214129 20140629_214131

I know I have said it many many times, but still ~~ NAIL ART STICKERS ALWAYS SAVE MY DAY!~

My own selfie #selfiequeen
20140629_221046 20140629_221050 20140629_221126 20140629_221136

Ok now my girl got mood, so she decided to join in
20140629_221054 20140629_221058

Our ootd for the wedding night!
20140629_224817 20140629_230213 20140629_230232

Photos with the bride and groom!
Last few days of June~~ 2

Last few days of June~~ 3

Chao… .going to get busy!!
C u guys at baby fair ~~ (if u are dropping by *wink*)


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