Hey folks, I know haven’t been updating as what I have promise in my previous post. Life have been quite busy for me. Not only I have school and work, right now I’m going through my wedding preparation and of course my new online store!

Preparing another journey of my life…

6 more days I will be officially Mrs Tan :D. Having mixed feeling right now
because having new identity, expected the unexpected, new life, new family and new experience.

Our ROM documents… getting prepare for this coming saturday 23 Oct 2010
Marriage is
for a life time… try to hold this believe and keep the marriage strong!

Our Marriage Cert, not yet certify 😛

Remember LKY said before:
Follow the Western style: Marry the one u love
Then follow the Chinese traditional: Love the one u marry….
Hmmm.. how many babies I want??

Haha.. I wonder who will hang this outside the door?? I think my in-law will faint.. >.<
This week will be a busy week for me, preparing for my Big day! 😀
Right now, u guys are curious about my online shop? hehe.. finally I have started my own online shop. Previously I have help others to do a their online store advertisement, now is my turn to do my own! 😀
Proudly present to you:
I have started this online store about 2 months. So far so good, doing online store and having a full time work its tough but when I get sales or when I get positive feedback from customers, I feel very happy and glad that my effort have not gone to waste. 😀
Below is some of the past events of The Jupe.
10.10.10 Green Carpet Flea Market
And me wearing the Jupe earrings and halter maxi dress for the young designer awards.
Thats all for today! Going to have my beauty sleep. 😀
Will update tmr.. I got so many things to tell you guys…. haha… but I got so many photos and so many stuff! Arrgh.. thats the bad thing about blogging when u never update regularly.. >.<