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Exploring Taiwan with Kids: A Family-Friendly Journey

taiwan family-friendly places

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Sharing our Taiwan family-friendly journey, covering different places, travel tips, and how to get around in Taiwan. It's not just a guide for others but also a way for me to remember the attractions for future visits.

It’s been quite a while since my last trip to Taiwan, where my visits were primarily centred around spending time with relatives. Even though many attractions were arranged by them, the details are somewhat hazy, and my memories aren’t very vivid.

This time around, after nearly a decade, I returned to Taiwan with my four kids. For this visit, I carefully planned a kid-friendly itinerary spanning 17 days. My goal is not only to create lasting memories for my children but also to document our experiences and update my knowledge of various attractions for future visits.

In my upcoming blog post, I’ve structured the content to cover different locations, travel tips, and navigating around Taiwan. This approach not only serves as a guide for others planning a family trip but also ensures that I have a comprehensive record of the attractions for my next visit.

Taiwan Family-friendly List

  1. Family-friendly Attractions and Accommodations in Taoyuan
  2. Family-friendly Attractions and Accommodations in Miaoli – Dahu
  3. Family-friendly Attractions and Accommodations in Nantou – Puli
  4. Family-friendly Attractions and Accommodations in Yunlin – Douliu
  5. Family-friendly Attractions and Accommodations in Kaoshiong
  6. Family-friendly Attractions and Accommodations in Taipei

Updating in progress, please follow my IG to receive the updates.

Traveling With EvaAir

I went to Taiwan with my kids for the first time, and we chose Eva Air. It’s the same airline my parents often used to book flights.

Seat overview


Meals on board

Exploring Taiwan with Kids: A Family-Friendly Journey 1

Toys for the kids

Exploring Taiwan with Kids: A Family-Friendly Journey 3

Overall, Eva Air is a comfortable airline to choose. The leg space is satisfactory for tall individuals (I’m 1.72m tall). The only drawback is the limited selection of movies, and the luggage weight policy has a specific requirement — while you can combine the total weight of your luggage, each individual bag cannot exceed 23kg.

Explore more of my journeys on the Travel and Staycation section.

Transportation in Taiwan

During our Taiwan trip, I used 5 different transportation services: Tripool, Pc Tour, Singan, a private contact recommended by relatives, HSR and public transport. All of them left a positive impression as the drivers were punctual, the vehicles were odor-free, and there was ample space.

Below, I’ve provided details for each, allowing you to decide which one best fits your needs.


Found this services when I was googling about the rates of transportation. I used it for most of my trips especially from town to town.

Tripool operates similarly to Grab but specializes in providing extended services for exploring various attractions in Taiwan. They offer one-way rides as well as long-hour services for bookings ranging from 4 to 10 hours. While they may not be the most budget-friendly option, their rates are reasonable.

It’s particularly beneficial to use Tripool if you’re not planning to stay in a town for more than 3 days. This is because some major transportation companies or tour groups offer discounts for tours lasting more than 3 days. Additionally, Tripool is a convenient choice for traveling between towns or cities when train options are limited.

One of the advantages of Tripool is its efficiency and transparency. Rates are provided on the spot, and payment is required to confirm the booking. This reduces the likelihood of unexpected charges or issues with the other party. Driver details are shared one day before the booking date, and in case of a no-show, a replacement will be arranged promptly.

Tripool app

Pc Tour

After coming across their Facebook ads multiple times, I decided to direct message Pc Tour, along with a few other options, for my upcoming trip to Puli. I shared my itinerary and the hours I needed each day. Since Puli is where I’m staying the longest, I was looking for a cost-effective solution and some suggestions for attractions.

The rates offered by Pc Tour were appealing, and their payment process is convenient. Upon confirming your booking, you make a 50% payment online, and the remaining 50% is due a few days before your trip.

Pc Tour is particularly useful if you’re unsure about planning or need additional suggestions for your itinerary.

Sing An (行安车业)

I used Sing An for my Miaoli trip, straightforward and affordable. Communication can be done via whatsapp or Line. Payment wise, I paid deposit NT3000 (via online CC) once I confirm the booking and the rest of the amount to pay directly to the driver via cash.

Public Transport

I opted for public transport in Kaohsiung and Taipei due to their well-developed MRT/LRT and bus systems.

In Kaohsiung, I purchased a 1-day unlimited MRT/LRT pass. The process is simple: activate your trip by scanning at the gates, and the ticket is valid for unlimited travel on the Kaohsiung MRT for either 24 or 48 hours, depending on your choice.

For Taipei, I chose the 3-day unlimited Fun Pass. This pass not only covers unlimited MRT and bus rides but also grants free entry to 25 attractions.

Generally, MRT and LRT rides are comfortable, while bus rides can vary in duration depending on the destination. Sometimes, taking the bus can be quicker than the MRT. Since bus drivers follow a schedule, boarding and disembarking need to be fast, and the ride may be a bit bumpy. However, despite having four kids with me, we found the experience pleasant enough to even catch some sleep during longer rides.


There are a lot of information on High-Speed Rail (HSR), but I’m sharing my experience based on business class.

I opted for Taiwan HSR when traveling from Kaohsiung to Taipei, as it significantly reduces the travel time compared to a 4-hour car journey. To enhance my comfort and accommodate my sanity with 4 kids along with 6 pieces of luggage, I decided to book HSR Business Class.

The Business Class offers spacious seats and extra leg room. Additionally, it includes complimentary snacks and drinks (refillable), a charging port, adjustable seating angles, overhead lights, and more luggage space.

Although there isn’t an early bid discount for Business Class, I made sure to book my tickets 29 days prior to my trip to secure seats for my entire family in close proximity.

It’s advisable to allocate time for ticket collection if you purchase them online to account for potential traffic jams or long queues at the ticket counter.

Payment system in Taiwan

In Taiwan, Line payment and local credit cards are widely used, so, cash is King for tourist!

I recommend exchanging some cash in Singapore and withdrawing money using Trust card. This method offers better exchange rates with no administrative charges. I learned this from my first trial and error experience in Thailand, where I didn’t have enough cash, and the same situation occurred in Taiwan. Surprisingly, even some modern cafes, which you might assume accept credit cards, only accept cash or Line payment. It’s important to note that only larger chain companies typically accept international credit cards.

You just need to find an ATM with VISA logo. I encounter no problems in Thailand but in Taiwan, not all ATMs with the VISA logo are functional.

You can sign up for Trust with my referral code – 7ARS95BF. You will get a S$10 FairPrice E-Voucher.

Taiwan The Lucky Land Lucky Draw

From May 2023 to June 30, 2025, tourists staying in Taiwan for 3 to 90 days, independently and not as part of a tour group, are eligible to participate in the lucky draw.

Ensure you complete the lucky draw at least 1 day (24hours) and within 7 days of your arrival. Head straight to the lucky draw booth at the airport upon arrival to avoid forgetting.

Here are some tips:

  1. Register your entire family, including children.
  2. Save or download the QR code upon registration, as it will be needed for scanning at the lucky draw booth.
  3. Remember the email address used for each member’s registration, as prizes will be sent to the respective emails unless it’s a physical card.
  4. If you choose a hotel voucher as a prize, ensure to book directly with the hotels rather than through third-party vendors like
Taiwan The Lucky Land Lucky Draw
We are lucky to win 2 NT5000 Hotel vouchers, 1 NT2000 iPass card!


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