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Mr Tan went for company trip since Thursday, so I took leave from work to take care Yi He, coz our infant care is in town, save the trouble from sending her by myself. My refreshing course for driving not completely finish >.<, so better don’t drive… 

Meet up with April on Thursday for lunch chat chat together with our babies. 😀

Dress Yi he up! She’s wearing the romper and headband from MissyQiqi Shopping Batch 1 pre-order! Let out a relief when I received the headband, because is true to the photos, not the fake ones. Yah don’t be surprise there is fake ones, the colour is more darker and towards blue colour. But my current supplier running low on this design, got to find other one, but hopefully is the authentic one. 

Enjoying Tai Tai Life 1
Lunch at Nex Sushi Tei, super love the ambiance there. 
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 2

Our food ~

Crab chawamushi, a must to order! Yummy!
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 3
 For this some ppl may not like the clam taste, but I love it to the max. But still prefer Taiwan style. Taste is stronger and more fresh. 
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 4
Avocado Handroll 
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 5
 Avocado Dragon Sushi
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 6
Fried Chicken
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 7
Not sure what u call this, but is scallop with a coating of mayo. Super nice! Almost lick the whole thing >.<
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 8
Another must try! Can’t remember what u call this, it’s actually mushroom with all the seafood stuff.. Was recommended to me by Mr Tan’s friend, ever since then I will always order this.
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 9
I will nvr forget to order my fav fish head! For those who are breast feeding or pregnant, good to eat this! Even though I’m pumping lesser now coz Yi He will be starting her puree soon, but everyday fish is still a must for me. 🙂
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 10
April and her baby Andrea.. Super love her big, double eyelid eyes!
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 11
After lunch, I went to shop around, coz its actually my first time really shopping around at Nex, the previous few visit was to eat lunch/dinner and run.. End up going home considered empty handed, coz I bought 1 milk bottle brush from Istan. Right now they are having 20% for almost all the baby items.

Today had another round of Jap meal again with friends, mom and sis, at Ichiban Sushi.
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 12

Xuan’s god-ma belated birthday present!
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 13

Rui Tai trying to bottle fed her sister
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 14
My fish head again!! I ordered quite a lot of dish, anyway I’m a big eater also. Mummy ask me to cut down my food intake -.-” I think is hard.. I love to eat so much!
Enjoying Tai Tai Life 15

I have launch a new online shopping ~ Love Heals.. 

Nope I’m not selling anything about love or couple stuff.. haha.. 
I’m selling shoes!! Why I name it “Love Heals”?

Because I love heels a lot, and shopping therapy is always a good way to cure your unhappiness! For me buying Heels keeps me happy, so it heals all my “wound” or “bad” stuff! haha.. Not only that their pronunciation  is the same 😛

Will be launching the collection on 30th April. Do support yah!!
Btw, to all my pregnant readers, since I’m going to open my baby pre-order batch 3 soon. I’m thinking of bringing this particular items, which both me and my sister are using during pregnancy and after also. 

The tummy and spine support during sleeping/sitting… Let me know if anyone interested. Price wise I have calculate yet but definitely not more than S$100 depends on the design.  

Is smaller compare to what the market is selling right now. That means your hubby wouldn’t fall off from the bed, and u can carry everywhere u want also. 😀

There are many types of design but roughly it will look like this.

Enjoying Tai Tai Life 16
Ok night night.. got to catch my sleep. 


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