4th Wedding ~ Barry’s wedding

Last Saturday was Barry’s wedding, finally he got married, otherwise I will be the only one who have married status in our khakis group >.<
And hopefully both of them will have offspring soon, haha so Yi He wouldn’t be that lonely 😛
Yi He sweet sweet outfit, old outfit just mix & match hehe
My Zebra preenzzz heels from Newlook!
The 1st dish. I love the first dish, its very different from most of the hotels that I have been to. This is definitely nice, unique and quite a big serving.
Me and baby 😀
Photo taking time!
And this 2 stupid guys, change to self potrait mode when we ask him to take photos!
Times up ~ Sweet dreams for my little baby.. On stoning mode
How can I forget this when I reach home? Haha.. before I go zzZZ
One Sunday afternoon, Yi He was playing on her seat, I think she play too long already >.< She let out a sigh! Lol.. Manage to video this moment..
She turns 5 months! Time flies man, and Mr Tan & I finally went to collect her “Tai Maobi”
Photo taken today 😀 Tummy time while Mr Tan and I preparing for work. She doesn’t really like tummy time.. -.-” got to put her on tummy more often so she can get use to it.
MissyQiqi Shopping having batch 2 pre-orders! 😀
~ Carters bibs all at S$2.20
~ 3D bibs from S$4.50
~ baby soft sole shoe all at $12
~ Laptop/Netbook/Ipad sleeve/bag etc~~

Old photos.. meet up with April last month, all tha babies gather except for my sister, coz she put both of them at child care.
Our photo! I look weird in the headband -.-

April and Mine baby! I love her baby eyes, super big and round!

Another group photo before we head home

One happy news to share!! Remember last yr Mr Tan won a travel voucher from his company? We finally booked our ticket to KOREA!!

Yappie!! And if r wondering, YES I’m going to bring my baby along!!
So what if she wouldn’t know what exactly is going on, but is more of family time spend together, no work, no calls. Just concentrate on the bonding between 3 of us, and who knows maybe will have no 2 on the way.. hehe.. !!
Woooo!!! Weekend is coming! Have a great one everyone!! 😀

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