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Cucumber, beancurd skin and black fungus soup



Most people likes to use old cucumber to make soup but do you know that green cucumber can make a real tasty and refreshing soup too? You can cook it with skin though it might taste a lttle bit bitter, but still better than bitter gourd hahaha..

Nutritional Facts:
Cucumber: High in Vit B, the skin is high in Vit C, promotes joint health, control blood pressure and becuase of its high water content it helps o remove toxic in the body.
Black Fungus: Has chemical the inhibits blood clotting > improve bloog circulation, lower cholestrol and fight off viruses. In Chinese medicine, black fungus are used to positive emotions and intestinal issues.
Dried Beancurd Skin: Cholestrol free, contains iron, calcium and protein.

Serve 4-5
Black fungus
Dried beancurd skin
ginger 1 slice

1. Put a bit of oil and stir fry ginger till fragrance
2. Put in black fungus and stir for awhile
3. Slowly add in dried beancurd skin and cucumber
4. Add in water
5. Let it boil till cucumber soft
6. Add a bit of salr and serve

–  Kids may find it hard to chew the skin, u may help them to remove it before serving.




















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