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Collection Primed and Ready Makeup Primer

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Like I mentioned previously, (or many times), I’m not a pro makeup person, so when I saw this makeup primer from Collection, I wanted to try just because it can make your skin look flawless without the need of concealer. I’m not a fan of concealer, so I’m love to try stuff which makes my skin look radiance or flawless without the need of concealer.

It’s actually quite a small tube for $16.90, which I feel is kind of expensive.

The cream, no fragrance..

When apply it actually give quite a smooth and silky texture on your skin, which I kind of like it, as it really makes application of makeup much more easier.

After applying Collection makeup primer and light makeup..  *no editing of photos*
Only using the room light..

I have actually tried applying on the day my best pal got married, but no time to take photo. I can say when you are rushing of time, this is really good to apply before your foundation. Because it blends well and gives you an even skin tone.

About Collection Primed and Ready Makeup Primer
– A silky formula provides a light coverage for flawless complexion and and a noticeably natural finish.
– Ensure your makeup stay remains intact throughout the whole day
– Smooths uneven skin tone
– Hide unsightly blemishes for perfect base
– Can blend it with lips, eye colours and blusher
– Minimize problem pores

But, one thing I doesn’t like about this makeup primer is, when I tried washing my face, I have this habit to splash water on my face first, the water actually didn’t ruin my makeup at all, and it’s like water droplets on my face and didn’t “slide” off…

hmm.. it’s just a  personal preference, I didn’t kind of like it.
I don’t really like tedious step of cleaning of my make-up, so most of my makeup is not waterproof, so imagine I was kind of shock, that this light weight primer product actually is like a waterproof base, maybe that explain why it can ensure your make up stay throughout the day.

If your face is oily or makeup doesn’t tends to stay, have an important function which will last the whole day, this makeup primer is definitely worth trying for u.
Verdict: I shall stick back to my usual makeup primer.

Unfortunately there is no sample to give out at the moment, for those who are interested to find out about this product you can go to
For those who are keen to buy, you can go to selected watsons stores and BHG to get it. 🙂

And to my readers who doesn’t mind taking over this makeup primer (used twice only) please email me your interest and your address, I will be gladly to mail it to you!  *Taken*


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