Today is my first day of work… What I’m working as?? Haha.. Is stated at the title, another professional word for it is “Phlebotomist”.

A phlebotomist is an individual trained to draw blood, either for laboratory tests or for blood donations.

So right now I’m a full time “blood sucker” for all the clinic doctors in ** Medical Centre.

This morning started my work in their satellite laboratory first before moving to my main work place. All this tools will be needed for to “suck” the blood..
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Number of blood I have taken in 2 hours..
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After my lunch, I went over to my main work place to have my orientation. here is my mini work place with my collaegues. Once I’m a confirm staff, there will only be 2 phlebotomist at this medical centre. 1 junior which is me and the other Senior Phlebotomist, Su. She has work in this line for more then 10 yrs!!!
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Ok the black bag which is shown in the pics, is our tools for “sucking” blood. So when we received a call from the clinic, we will bring our bag and head down to the clinic for blood taking. 🙂 After that, we need to go back to our mini work place and place the blood smaple in a bag, so that the porter can collect the blood and sent it to the laboratory.

So far today is quite alright, but kind of nervous, as we have to make sure that we have taken the coreect amount of blood, correct tubes, correct patient and make sure we don’t prick them twice. So its quite challenging.


Need to buy some stuff for my new job…
1. Watch
2. Black Jacket
3. Low heels shoes (got too many 3″ and above heels)
4. Lunch box warmer
5. Mug for work


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