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After having maid

Life after having maid, at home shaking leg? Unfortunately no. Wonder who paint a beautiful picture of having a maid = shaking leg or having high tea. To me this kind of life more suitable when I married off my kids.. haha..

It’s still busy ever. Not that my maid is slow or she giving me trouble. We have pull out mei mei Xin He from infant care, no point paying both side (unless I’m printing money). So we got to bring her to work everyday unless I work from home. I’m still doing the cooking and making the kids go to bed, so basically I’m only free from housework in order to have more time for me to play with kids or do my work. After I make the kids sleep, I’m back at work again!
No much change in lifestyle, except for clean, tidy house and no mountain of clothes!! Oh ya hubby say YEAH to no more hanging clothes and dish washing.. haha..

Ordered a big slide/swing so Yi He can play when she’s having school holiday.

Playing around warehouse area. I’m glad we are located at the top floor, corner unit for our new warehouse. So the kids can play more with the extra space.
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But sometimes in warehouse, when I got too busy, need my maid to help settling my girl to sleep and okay with her. To be honest, do I feel jealous? Definitely have, even though my girls still do look for me if they upset/cranky. I just feel jealous lah.. *woman mother* I have to be honest with my feelings, especially when maid is not even in my “parenting book”! Not sure about you, but I’m not trying to overcome this feeling, just acknowledge it because I feel that this feeling is normal. At least I know that my maid likes my girls enough to play with them, carry them etc..
I can totally feel how working moms will feel when their kids spend about 8-10 hours at home alone with the maid.

Muyar with mei mei Xin He


Till now, keeping my finger cross.. I’m just glad that there is one more person who share my burden and likes my kids. But again.. I still do feel jealous.. hey I’m human leh… So don’t feel sucks if you feel this way.. because I’m one of them!


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Started blogging since 2004, stop blogging in between while trying to manage my parenting life and business. 

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