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A Tour To Singapore Bicentennial Experience

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This is one of the events I sign up immediately when my friend sent me the event link. It was a good event for the kids to go especially school holiday! Initially, I was kind of worried if my kids understand what Singapore history is all about, but surprisingly Yi He knows about LKY and a bit of Singapore history. Ok… at least she shows me she’s learning something from school.

What is this Singapore Bicentennial Experience about?
It is a multimedia sensory experience brings you back in time to witness key moments in Singapore’s transformation from as far back as 1299.

This event showcases the history all the way back on how Singapore was founded. It is amazing! Especially with all the graphic designs and experiences that they want you to feel, I would give 2 thumbs up!

A Tour To Singapore Bicentennial Experience 1
This is before scene 1, whereby they talk about Singapore history how it started with the raining effect.

Below is some of the videos and photos taken during different Acts for you to have a feel on how is the whole experience like. For the full experience, sign up for the tickets! It’s free! Details are below!!

Act 1: Beginnings
In her early days, Singapura was a thriving maritime emporium under the rule of Sang Nila Utama and his successors. Being connected to the region brought Singapore waves of fortune and prosperity, but it also put her at the centre of regional disruptions.
Through it all, Singapore has evolved – from being the seat of the Kingdom of Singapura in the 14th century, to how her fall gave rise to the Melaka Sultanate in the 15th century, and eventually, as naval base and gateway to the Johor Sultanate in the 17th century.
Act 2: Arrival
The arrival of the British in 1819 marked a new trajectory for Singapore as it evolves once again, this time into a colonial port linking Singapore’s trade not only with the region but also with Europe. The absence of port duties and new economic opportunities attracted waves of migrants who flocked to the newly-opened port, turning Singapore into a more cosmopolitan town.

I didn’t do this act 2 filming a justice. It was a lot better when it was at another scene.
Act 3: Connectivity
The long 19th century saw to Singapore evolving further into a bustling metropolis. It witnessed the emergence of new technological inventions, expansion of physical infrastructure and industries, as well as the proliferation of new ideas of identity and belonging.
However, beneath these glitzy developments were grim realities, especially for those of the labouring masses who had to contend with a whole range of social ills. These prompted prominent members of the various communities to step forward in attempts to address these issues.

In Act 3, the whole theatre moved 360 degree and the kids all were shouting, “I’m moving, my chair is moving!!”

I didn’t take any photo or video in Act 4: Occupation. Because after Act 3, we were brought to a dark room, literally dark, like a bomb shelter, hearing all the bomb sound, survivors saying their story on what they experience during the world war.
I took this chance to let the kids know that when people are stuck at the bomb shelter, they don’t choose what they can eat or they may not even have food to eat, so they better not be picky about food. (Mother’s nagging mode on)
Didi was not scared at all, in fact, he was busy searching where all the sound comes from. Curious boy. haha…

A Tour To Singapore Bicentennial Experience 2
Act 5: Destiny
With a recap of scenes from previous Acts, journey through the story of how our nation emerged through the contribution of ordinary people.

Every one of us needed to take an umbrella before going to the next room! And it’s raining!!
This scene is just to make every Singaporean to feel touch and cry. Like we have been through so much and now we are so successful with all the sports winners, Singapore Local brands name all at the wall!
A Tour To Singapore Bicentennial Experience 3
The kids are the ones enjoying this raining scene. Haha..
This scene is like talking about after all the rain, there will always be sunshine after that!
A Tour To Singapore Bicentennial Experience 4
Me: Come, we also take photo
Didi: Raining.. what is there nice to take, mama?
A Tour To Singapore Bicentennial Experience 5
Do you feel proud to be a Singaporean?

After the whole Experience finish, we went off without exploring other activities that is outside the Fort Canning building because it looks like it’s going to rain anytime soon. So me and my girlfriends headed down to Liang Court for lunch instead.

A Tour To Singapore Bicentennial Experience 6
Enjoying the playground at the foot of the Fort Canning Building.

To sign up for this experience you can go to this website to register >
The event is free and only available from 1st June to 15 Sept 2019

Things to note based on my experience:
1. Strollers are not allowed in the event.
2. No food and drinks are allowed.
3. There is a shuttle bus provided at Plaza Singapura, Raffles City Mall and One Raffles Place.
Wheelchair-friendly shuttle bus services will be available at A.Plaza Singapura pick-up/drop-off point from 9.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm on weekends and public holidays. For wheelchair-friendly shuttle bus schedules, please visit this page.
4. The nearest MRT Station is Fort Canning Station Exit A. But you got to take quite a few escalators up, so is not advisable for strollers if one of the escalator breakdown. And is impossible to push up-slope because one of the slopes is very steep and lots of up-slopes in order to reach Fort Canning building.
For more information, you can visit The Bicentennial Experience.

The thing that almost spoilt my mood was the way to the building and going back down to the train station. The escalator broke down, not just 1 but 2 of them! I was lucky I was with 2 girlfriends, so they helped me carry the stroller up while I carry Didi. Finally, when we reached the building, there is another long flight of stairs, and I was FORTUNATE enough to experience that the lift broke down too. The staff wasn’t helpful when I asked if there is another alternative route, because I felt bad to let my girlfriends carry the stroller for me. And, the person just walked off.

When we were leaving later in the day, I asked another staff if there are any alternative routes to = to the station, unfortunately, no, and the assigned shuttle bus is not stroller friendly. I had to fold my stroller, with 2 kids and a baby -.-” , unless I have another 4 more hands. So, there is no choice but to go back down again, the carrying of the strollers, because of the non-working lift and escalators.

If you need a stroller like me, you have to plan to go on weekends or public holiday, so you can take the shuttle bus which is wheelchair and stroller friendly, which is available on these days. Even the nearest car park is also quite far away, and you have to take the same route like me too.

Other than this slightly strenuous encounter, overall the event was very good, enjoyable and impressive!


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