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A day I become MRS TAN… 

It’s a wonderful day for Benny and me. A day we know each other for 8 years and its also a day we decided to become lawfully husband and wife aka Mr & Mrs Tan!!
We had our ROM in Conrad Hotel, which is also the hotel which we will be having on our actual day wedding next year 15 Jan. 
View outside the hotel room.. so hazy… 
23.10.2010 1
Fountain of wealth!
23.10.2010 2

The Conrad Bear
23.10.2010 3
Our gown n suit on that day…
23.10.2010 4
My DIY ring pillow! Using waste material and fresh flowers! I’m glad that I manage to get a big sunflower, initially having difficulties to find nice and big one! Wanted to have a out of a norm and usual ring pillow. Also a ring holder to suits my wedding theme hence DIY this myself!
23.10.2010 5
23.10.2010 6
 The Function room decoration. Thanks to my dear brother and her pretty gf ~ Meiting, for helping me decor my function room… 

The soleminsation table 
23.10.2010 7
Table flower ~ provide by the hotel. 
23.10.2010 8

 Beautiful Mom and me
23.10.2010 9

My gown! 
23.10.2010 10

Me!! Thanks to Benedict for the wonderful make-up and hairdo!
23.10.2010 11
Yummy food! Its also our food tasting on that day!
23.10.2010 12
Our special day ~~~~
23.10.2010 13
Thanks to Eng Yan, our hotel wedding planner, last min provide us a hotel room to have our make-up and video. And also making all the necessary arrangement for me to have my sunflower dream wedding! 
Tuck for taking out his precious time to shoot for us and the wonderful photography session after the ceremony.

FPIX videographers for their patience and taking into every single details what my hubby want for the video.

Benedict for the wonderful make-up and hairdo. Also thanks for helping us to check out the room πŸ˜›
And most importantly our family members who have been helping us throughout the special day. 
After the ceremony.. its time for us to get busy for our actual day event! πŸ˜€
Brought back the Conrad wedding bears and re-pack it to suit our sunflower wedding theme!
23.10.2010 14
School starts today.. Happy because one module down, 2.5 years to go… sad is because I’m going to get super busy! Coz exam dates are near to my wedding day.. >.<
I can survive~~

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