Finally got the photos from the photographer!! Haha.. But I only can post 2 pics because its copyright and the sports car is just too nice and I just don’t look nice.. haha.. Ok time for pics!!

Showing the black and white version of the car. 😀 Guess what position am I with the black car, you wouldn’t gess it and I’m not telling you the answer 😛
Lolz.. I look kind of funny with the white car.. -,-“
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

**I hope one day brother is able to retrive back the photos that is taken on that day!! **SAD**

Today went to watch “The Game Plan” with Benny!! I know i’m suppose to study -,-” But its a nice show, I’m glad that I didn’t give it a miss!

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Sometimes we always feel that kids/children always or must learn from us, the correct thing, or is what we feel that is correct. But its not this way, because we are learning from them also. In what way, alot. Maybe even teach us the way to live our life in the correct way. Don’t get what I mean then catch the show!! 😀


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