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Few days ago, I assist a patient down to the lobby to wait for her landlord to fetch her and in the mean time bought lunch for her.

This patient is just a few years older then me but due to some medical issues she is almost blind. She’s not a local, came to Singapore to seek medical help. She doesn’t have anyone to help her except for her landlord. I admire her courage, came to a country where everything is so unfamiliar to her but she have to put up this courage to help her overcome alot of stuff, to do operation, to except treatment etc..

The fear of darkness and unknown is unthinkable and unbearable.. I thought I will see a sad face 24/7, but surprisingly she can smile and sometimes laugh to certain things.. but still certain things are not what it appears to be. At some quiet moments, you can see her face, showing some uncertain expressions. Is it the surrounding quietness make her uneasy or her medical condition? Only she herself will know..

While I’m assisting her to the hospital lobby, due to her condition, my pace is slower than usual as they are many people rushing around. And this slow pace, make me have more time to take not the surrounding, including noise which is barely noticeable. Looking at people around you rushing for time, talking, different kind of footsteps sound, doors closing and opening, sounds of wind etc.. all become “louder” then usual.

Tonight when you lay down in bed, you close your eyes you see darkness, but blind and darkness is 2 different thing. The next morning when you wake up open up your eyes and if you can see daylight, tell yourself you must be appreciate what you have, don’t take things for granted as it’s time for you to look those people/stuff around you.

Lastly ~ must protect your eyes ok! ( >_O )

My lovely eyes.. 😛
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Hihi, I’m Qiqi, a mother of 4, staying in a sunny Singapore. 

Started blogging since 2004, stop blogging in between while trying to manage my parenting life and business. 

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