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Eldest in the family, born and grow up in Singapore, but spend almost half of my childhood in Taiwan. Due to my look, I’m always mistaken as a foreigner.  It’s not a surprise since my mom is a Taiwanese, and I inherit most of my features from my Taiwanese aunt.
Since young, it is my dream to become a nurse, and I’m happy that this passion makes me stay in medical field for 10 over years. In 2014 I started my own distributing company and products line, Totsworld Pte Ltd, Simba and Mitera, specially design for stylish Moms at an affordable price.

Products under Totsworld, Simba and my own brand Mitera



Due to some opportunity in 2004, I had a chance to experience the life of modeling and pageant, that is also when I started blogging in 2004. Going into modeling industry gives me an opportunity to experience a lot of commercial advertisement, runways and filming. Taking up pageants is one of my friend’s idea, in order to help me build up my confidence and catwalk, not because I got the look (I definitely feel I look so much better now.. hahaha..). Never would I think that I will go so far to China and Korea for representing Singapore in various pageant competition.

TV Commercial, Print ads, Runway, filming etc
m2 m1

Miss Singapore World 1st Runner up 2005
Miss Singapore Chinatown 1St Runner up 2006
International Model of The Year – Korea in 2006
Model of The World – China in 2007



In 2010, my boyfriend (now hubby), proposed to me and I said YES. We met through our part time job ~ Delifrance and with the help of our matchmaker (sort of) aka supervisor ~ Linus, we were together for almost 8 yrs before we tie a knot. Like a lot of couples, we been through lots of up and downs, and even break up, but I’m glad all this makes us stronger and better.

On Oct 2010, we had our ROM ceremony and Chinese Customary Wedding on Jan 2011, both held in Conrad Hotel.
In Nov 2011, Hubby and I welcome our 1st 爱的结晶, Yi He, Leann (“苡”“禾”为贵, Beautiful Angel). Born at weight 2.8kg, through normal delivery without epidural, she is fair like her daddy. She bring us lots of joy and laughter and because of her, I get to know a group of close and nice Nov group mommy friends and started out my distributor business. She’s a very active girl, like a tomboy actually, loves musical and enjoy eating. Her understanding, independent character makes our parenthood easier and enjoyable, although her stubbornness makes me wants to pull hair.

3 years later, we give Yi He a little sister, Xin He, Leila (“芯”平气“禾”, Dark Beauty). Born at 3.1kg, through normal delivery without epidural, exactly like her name, she’s tan like me. She’s a very calm baby, with not much of a temper, almost to an extend of “bo chap” aka heck care attitude. She’s a happy baby, good with PR skills because she’s just smile back to anyone who smiles at her.


Lastly.. everything is not possible if not for my wonderful family



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  1. Chang Yu Hsin & Vincent Goh March 7, 2017 / 2:29 pm


    Would like to know whether you provide confinement lady from Taiwan so assist us on the maternity period from mid July to mid Aug-2017.

    Thanks & Best Regards

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