The Arrival of Baby Mei Mei


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Birth story of Xin He

Finally open up my laptop and blog.. The first 2 weeks plus was very tired for me and almost nightmare.. T.T.. Shall keep it for the next blog post!

So coming to 39 weeks, getting anxious and hubby is not in Singapore coz he went to Shanghai for Baby Trade Fair. I’m suppose to go but I don’t think any airline will want to take a 39 weeks pregnant lady on a airplane and I don’t think I want my girl birth cert indicate airplane is her birth place.. -.-

Double check my hospital bag~

End up I think is not a good decision to double check my hospital bag.. T.T. Before going to bed, I realized I’m bleeding!!! OMG!!

Was procrastinating whether a not to go to hospital, because I don’t have any contractions except for bloody show, but after my friends and my sis “nagging”, I decided to called KKH and talk to the nurse. They also advised me to come down to have a check.. So no choice, called up my sis again, she activated my BIL to fetch me, and I called my parents up to prepare as I need to put Yi He with them.. That was around 11pm plus.
Msg hubby also, he decided to come back earlier, since he managed to get all the information I needed within a day.

So I was put on CTG to monitor and doctor came to checked ~ 3cm dilated..
20140723_014340 20140723_014308

time for admission~~
my dilation took a loooong time… till now I was wondering maybe I can drag one more day lol..
Since it was about 2-3am by the time I settled in the delivery ward, decided to have a good sleep before the start of the pushing game!

Guess what… this is taken by me!! Muahaha.. No choice.. hubby didn’t managed to come back in time.. and I don’t wish baby mei mei don’t have any birth photo unlike Yi He, many of it.
I told the Gynae to hold on awhile, wait for me to snap first!!
He was stunned!! hahaha.. He said wait until baby clean up lah.. I told him don’t want.. haha..

So intro you my 2nd girl, born on 23 July, via natural birth with no epidural
Tan Xin He!!


let me take a selfie first!

Mei Mei very hungry.. Start looking for milk milk after the nurse put her on my chest..  20140723_131434

Lunch first *hungry*..
20140723_141039 20140723_141051

Finally the hubby is here!

ohhh,…. my sleeping baby

We have a gift exchanged!! Can see from Yi He’s expression that she likes her present. hahaha…
20140723_202423 20140723_202438 20140723_202614

Yi He sayang mei mei
20140723_202729 20140723_202732 20140723_202735

Selfie with Yi He

Breast Feeding Selfie
20140723_210404 20140723_210411 20140723_213403

KKH confinement food.. not bad but I feel that they can do better, especially the dessert, best it serve warm or hot, but it was served cold.

My little Yi He… first thing she come into my room not only requested to carry baby mei mei, she also come to hospital to eat… eat and eat non stop..
20140724_185307 20140724_190953


Colleagues and friends visit 😀

Discharged!! Love my mickey outfit 😛
20140725_131230 The Arrival of Baby Mei Mei 1

Some thoughts on 2nd birth experience:

Not sure is it because baby mei mei is slightly heavier and bigger (actually only by 0.3kg and 1cm difference), I feel that this time round is much more painful compared to the previous birth. Both birth also via natural and with no epidural, the giving birth period is also very fast. The only difference is, hubby is not around when I give birth. Maybe the emotional support is not there…
So to all the hubby out there, do support your wifey but accompany them to the delivery suite, you may think your present may not be able to help but the emotional support is there. Grabbing of hubby hands is actually a good support and distraction. lol..

By the way, curious on the meaning of mei mei’s name?

Xin He aka “芯禾”

Same logic as how we name Yi He. Baby Mei Mei is born in the year of horse, so need shelter and food. Horse shelter and food is almost the same as rabbit, so need grass and  grain. So this is how her name came about and also “芯“平气”禾“

So now I have ”苡“ “禾” 为贵 and  “芯“平气”禾“!

That’s all for today post.. 🙂

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