Shopping = Destress


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Mr Tan brought me for shopping spree on Sunday after my driving lesson. 😀
My favourite = SHOES!! haha… 
Charles and Keith is having warehouse sales, and it happens just near my driving lesson area so we just make a turn and “da.. da..” Shoes, shoes everywhere… Not only I saw the shoes, I also saw a lot of people! Almost wanted to get out, because I don’t like crowded places.
Mr Tan only manage to bought one pair of shoes for wedding. I had 4 pairs!! The surprising part is not I bought 4 pairs, but out of this 4 pairs, 3 pairs is choosen by Mr Tan! I ever told him, if he’s a girl, he is definitely more vain pot then me!
He have a thing with sexy stiletto
Shopping = Destress 1
Thank U Mr Tan!!
But at times Mr Tan makes me 哭笑不得
Don’t understand… read below
Mr Tan: Must save money ah, don’t anyhow spend, need to buy house, get married etc.. 
Qiqi: okok.. I know, I already cut down my shopping wor.. (coz I got my own online shop mah)
walk pass shoes boutique…
Mr Tan: U want to go in and see? Got nice pair of heels. Try this one??
Qiqi: =.=”
So who is the one tempting me to shop?? Even though I’m not the one paying but lame right!! >.< This scenorio doesn’t happens once but many times! not only shoes boutique, depends on what caught his eyes.
That’s my Mr Tan…
Driving test today… hope the weather is good to me, the road condition is good to me, my clutch and oil control well… etc… *STRESS*

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