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Finally back to blogging!

I didn’t really go MIA, in case you are wondering.

*P.S. Today post contains nudity! Proceed if you dare! Btw lots of back dated photos… >.<

Wanted to blog last week when I was on leave (Mr Tan went reservist, no transport to infant care > troublesome for me and I still don’t like driving even though I got license =.=) staying home taking care of Baby Yi He. BUT, it was impossible.. lol!

1st day went to my friend’s place till late, 2nd day doing packing and posting out my customer stuff, 3rd day went out again, and by thursday, Baby Yi He is sticking to me like mad! According to my sis and friends, they call it separation anxiety. So this separation anxiety cause to be not very productive for the past one week!

Still ~ I LOVE IT! I still love the moment sharing with her, watching her crawl, eating teething biscuit on her own, trying to stand up etc.. I glad that I didn’t miss it. 🙂 So its really worth while.

Ok let the pictures to do the talking!!

Went to Amanda place for little baby gathering!

Baby Yi He and Lucas aka Sumo

Then we have baby food tasting time! Yi He is really enjoying it! Its her first time eating the teething biscuit.. hehe

Guess who’s butt is this!!

Both me and Yi He had an enjoyable day! Can’t wait for the next babies get together again! LOL!! >.<


So while hubby was on reservist, I went over to my parents place to stay, coz location and public transportation is more easily accessible than where I’m staying. And also a good time to let Baby Yi He to bond with my parents. 🙂

So everyday I bring her go Hougang Mall or Nex to have breakfast, shop awhile before heading back. Make fresh puree for her, let her try new food. Its a good and new experience for both of us, trying out new things everyday.

Fresh Puree with cereals ~ Spinach, Banana and Pear

Baby Yi He and Rui Ning Mei Mei (my neice) bathing together


Some super late photos >.<

Dinner with hubby’s colleague @ Old Singapore Turf club

Uncle Roger love playing with Baby Yi He

Now is pretty Aunt Cheryl!!

Ahyo all fighting to carry me >.<

Love this VIP room, got karaoke function!

Mr Tan and me

After a heavy dinner, we went to Geylang for durian.. *BURP*

Woohoo… yummy yummy!

Last back dated photos ~ Accompany mom for check up & my lovely Rui Tai birthday celebration @ Swensen ~ Changi Aiport

Went to TTSH to accompany mom for check up~

Me on the way to TTSH~~

1st time feeding Baby Yi He! Mommy totally clueless.. haha prepare so much lol!

Yummy Japanese food for lunch! Self entertaining while waiting for the food

Here comes our food!!

Baby Yi He outfit for that day!

Finally at Swensen Changi Airport for celebration!

Rui Tai enjoying the gift I bought for him! Is a special colouring book, which the child can keep on colouring when the water dries up. Recommended to me by Say Li!

My precious baby and me

Daddy and me

Mommy bought Rui Tai’s favorite cartoon character.


Shall end my post with this pics~

Fathers Day for Benny~~~

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