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hey everyone! right now I’m in Kuming. just arrived here from beijing by plane! Is really very cold over here! Really thanks alot to my friends who have lend me there winter clothes and stuff to take note when I’m here. πŸ˜› This competition in China is consider a quite big event, as we have media following us to the charity event and also welcome event in Kuming. When arrived at Kuming airport, I was shocked to see so many media and reporters! didn’t expect to receive this kind of welcoming coz it didn’t have that in Korea. when i talked to my parents, I told them i feel like a star.. wahaha.. πŸ˜›

Yesterday we had a charity event held in beijing. Is an event for Teens AIDS prevention society. Have a short talk with the organiser from the AIDS prevention, they are interested to have it in Singapore and wonder if i could make arrangement with China and Singapore! Is good right! πŸ˜€ Anyway i’m not aure whether will it works over here, so told them I need to check out with the Singapore AIDS Foundation and see how it goes. πŸ™‚

Besides that, I also met our Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry in China during the charity dinner! Is so nice to see singaporeans over there wahaha.. yap I’m started to miss Singapore though I’m having fun over here! πŸ˜› I think i’m totally fogotten I’m still in a competition haha.. but compare to last year Korea competition, I’m coping better and get to talk/social more with the rest of the contestants. πŸ˜€

One more website for the top model event ~ www.topmd.com.cn

Oh ya, when I was working as a nurse before, i was told that i look like from china or taiwan, but here in china, the chinese don’t feel that i look like from china. until when I speak mandrian with them or doing translating for the other contestant, they are surprise that I can speak chinese. πŸ˜€

ok got to stop here, need to go back to my room and get some sleep, going to wake up early and go to our next destination.

I miss school…..
(btw, not able to reply all the tagboard at the moment, well reply when I’m back!

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Banana Cake

Banana cake is the best way to clear your banana asap if they are over ripe. And it’s easy to make and tastes delicious. My family love this buttery banana cake that taste similar like the famous banana cake across the border.
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Our Taipei trip is only 3D2N and focuses mainly on the attractions and eateries in the Da’an district. We also travel around via public transport and purchased the unlimited Funpass.


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