Happy Birthday ~


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To my dearest Mommy!!

We went to her favourite jap restuarant which is also my brother’s working place to have dinner. Poor brother have to watch us eating while running his restaurant.. :X

Happy mom and dad..
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My all time favourite
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My handsome little brother
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Me.. with yummy watermelon sake or wine (can’t remember -.-” ) And my new hairstyle.. seems like I can’t keep still with one hair style for long.. Anyway hope my non-make up face is not so awfull that u guys need to vomit infront of the computer.. Have stop putting makeup for almost 2 weeks coz me have been wearing specs, going to prepare to do some pre-lasik check up. πŸ™‚
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Nice prawn miso soup
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The topping sauce is really delicious
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Refreshing sashimi salad…
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P.S. still have buy my mom’s present.. ahyo… >.<
Remember my pilaties on tuesday, it was really fun and the instructor is really good. Although feel abit uneasy coz I’m new, my poses etc is not very stable, and in the mist of the exercise my foot cramp -.-” Thats when your muscle starts to get lazy… going to “wake” them up ya.. hahaha….

Benny came to fetch me after my class, he’s trying to be encouraging.. but he makes want to laugh at his “kuai zha” but feel sweet at the same time…

Benny: Wa.. feel so radient after exercise ahh… so sexy…

Me: (look at him) -.-!!

Benny: See now your face look so radient, so fit, wa.. look so different

Me: Got so “kuai zha mei” only 1 day of exerise…

Benny ignore me and continue his laughter and wa wa wa…

Tomorrow ~ NB ~ Newbody.. going to get my muscle work again!!

The after exercise aching feels great espcially having a hot bath right after that.. *Nice*

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