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Chinese New Year Day 2

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Forget to post my nicely pack room yesterday!! :X I seriously got too much stuff, too much clothes, shoes etc.. but still when we girls said enough is enough?? 😛
This time round I got Benny to help me to sort out my clothes otherwise my room will not be pack by CNY..

Entry to my room.. my makeup area and shoes.. Can guess how many shoes I have.. slowly count.. No prize for correct answer.. haha.. (60 plus pairs)
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My clothes.. bought a new clothes rack, not enough space to squeeze inside my cupboard.
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My wonderful bed, new bedsheet and lovely mickey mouse to accompany through the night.
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My dream in the near future, which is also most girls dream ~ to have a walk in wardrobe!! 😛


This year we went to my Uncle house quite early as my brother got to go back to work in the evening, so didn’t manage to see my cousin and aunt. Hope to see them soon!

Mom and me.. Guess what she’s eating??
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Haha.. my favorite “ba gua”!! Its so difficult to chew with my braces on.. but who cares 😛
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Sis and her hubby
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Nice view from my uncle’s house balcony
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Elders talk..
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Jie Shan and my cousin
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Mom helping out in the kitchen. Beside my mom is my uncle.
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Handsome brother and mom..
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Kids are enjoying themselves..
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My outfit for the day.. VS halter dress, belt from F21, heels from heatwave and owl bag..
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Old updates…

Did a bridal show for one of my malay friend few weeks ago at Expo. It was a good experience as I’ve never done malay bridal show before.

2 things I will never forget about the bridal show is
~ Super thick make-up
~ Super heavy head decoration..

According to my friend, their wedding is also apply thick make-up so its a norm for them. Lucky their wedding is in the day, imagine if their wedding drag till the night like the chinese, think we will sleep with the make-up.. :X

The bridal shop booth..
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Can recongise me??
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Me and my partner – my friend’s sister.
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Me on stage..
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The heavy head gear….
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More pics to come.. 😀

My lovely mao mao sleeping on her new bed..
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Night night..


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