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Celebration continues…

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October is really a month of celebration!!

After celebrating mom and sis birthday, now is Mr Tan and my turn! Is not our birthday but our ROM anniversary / dating anniversary.
But we 2 blur couple remember the dates wrongly.

Haha…So Mr Tan doesn’t have an issues of me getting mad over him for forgetting our anniversary date because I will forget too! Lucky him right!

But that does’t mean we can’t celebrate!! So Mr Tan granted my wish to have my favourite food ~ prawn, crab and sashimi.. So all in one will be Kushinbo buffet @ Great World City

All the yummy food

Lucky girl gets to enjoy too!

I love to eat this fish roe a lot, so hubby got a few big spoonful for me!!

My daughter doesn’t want to share her food with me *blah*


Enjoying every moment!! 😀

Camwhore~~~~ A must!! hahahaha…

Happy 3yrs!
20131025_203527[1] 20131025_203533[1]

After eating, shopping is a good way to digest the food!
Bought a new sandals for her, immediately she know is for her, she faster remove her shoes and can’t wait to try her new shoe!
20131025_210029[1] 20131025_210031[1]

Yi He: Ma Ma see I’m riding horse!!
Me: =.=””

Being a toyboy when I was young, I think I got to accept that my girl is a toyboy too.. >.< She’s like a real bunny, hopping around non stop!

Don’t worry the horse is not moving. Mr Tan and I don’t really believe in spending our money on this. Is so expensive nowadays! Unlike our time, freaking 20cents. Now is $1, I came across $2!! I know mata last time wear shorts lah, but showing love to our kids doesn’t have to spend it on unnecessary stuff. She still enjoying it moving from one to another, climbing up and down, turning the wheels (if any) etc.. The most important thing is we accompany them while she play!
But I WILL stress up when she keep insist me to seat with her, and I have to tell her mommy butt is BIG, can’t seat leh!!

I love bear bear! *kiss kiss*

Simple celebration that is how we celebrate our anniversary! *feeling bless*
Married for 3yrs, have 1 kid, hopefully we can have another more. Thats Mr Tan and my wish. 🙂

One note: The kushi Bo in Great World City really doesn’t taste as nice as the Suntec outlet. Although my first try in Kushin Bo (Suntec outlet) was years ago, but don’t think it will have a big drastic change right. I really hope Kushin Bo can improve on the food they are serving in Great World city outlet. Kind of disappointing espcially I always recommend my friends to eat.


Last saturday was my turn to be working, so with my boss permission, I brought my daughter to work. Lucky I only need to do some paper work and slides so is still manageable.

Brought many items along trying to keep her occupied
20131026_084726[1] 20131026_085124[1]

Drinking her milk! Must be wondering why I dress her up like bazhang(chinese dumpling), my office is freezing cold! The aircon can go to 19-20 degree celcius! Just because all the machine can’t effort to grow “mushrooms”… cold die me le! I have bought warmer for my leg and hand, hopefully will arrive soon!!

Halfway through she was a bit cranky, at that point of time I regretted bringing her to work.. hahaha… but after awhile this thought didn’t come to my mind again. There will be a first thing for everytime right… so I still dare to take a chance to bring her to work if permits. 🙂 Wish me best of luck!! 😛


So now is time to celebrate my hero aka daddy’s birthday!!
As usual our favourite place ~ TCC @ Changi Airport

Playing with grandparents

My kawaii sister!

Girls having fun! This is the fun of having sister/siblings.

2 cutie 1 act cute.. hahaha….

Some of the dishes we ordered.. The Low family are big eater!

Happy Birthday Daddy! My hero, although he is super fierce but can’t deny he is a good father. He always chase as to bed at 7pm when we are young. And I have curfew until I was married off.. hahaha… but I understand where he’s coming from. I love you daddy!

The girls can’t wait for the cake! Wonder why there is no photo of my nephew, because he move non stop, all the photos I have taken turn out too blur -.-”

My parents.. love them lots
20131027_201619[1] 20131027_201650[1]

My happy family!
IMG_165622393713840[1] IMG_165630046098969[1]

Nov is coming soon, SNEC is having an event for kids! There will be talks on children eye care, magic shows etc, so bring your kids along to enjoy what SNEC have put up for you and your family. Hope to see you there!!


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