Beancurd with black fungus



This is a very simple dish but is very tasty, crunchy and nutritional. To my surprise my girl like it a lot, I think she likes the texture. If serving to kids, try to cut the beancurd into smaller pieces, but not to small. As it will helps the kids to learn to chew well with different texture types of food.

Nutritional facts:
Black Fungus: Has chemical the inhibits blood clotting > improve bloog circulation, lower cholestrol and fight off viruses. In Chinese medicine, black fungus are used to positive emotions and intestinal issues.
Dried Beancurd Skin: Cholestrol free, contains iron, calcium and protein.

Black fungus
Dried Beancurd skin

1. Soak both black fungus and dried beancurd skin till soft.
2. Cut both black fungus and dried beancurd into thumb size length or a 2 one dollar coin size.
3. Slice the ginger
4. Heat up the wok and stir the ginger till fragrance
5. Put in black fungus first, stir for awhile and put in beancurd skin.
6. Put a bit of water and cover, let it boil for about 5mins.
7. Put a bit of salt and sesame oil and serve..













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