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Activities & Free Resources For Parents During Home Learning Or When Stucked

Like our current situation now – Heightened Alert, school close, all stuck with Home Based Learning and no happy June Holiday.

Activities & Free Resources For Parents During Home Learning Or When Stucked 1
Home Based Learning.. My girls are excited, because they feel is half holiday half study..

Creating a blog to share my schedule and resources wasn’t my plan especially with a tight schedule but since I have a few followers asking me for resources when I’m preparing for my girl’s Primary 4 exam. Since good things are meant to share, it will be easier for me to pen down the resources and activities that I have planned for my kids for this period of Home Learning

I have also included some free resources and activities for pre-school toddlers. But please bear in mind, you can plan all the activities back to back, but kids being kids, they may not follow all the way and sometimes it’s also a good idea to keep kids bored so they can be more creative to create their own play and toys.

Resources For Pre-school


It’s a free site dedicated to sharing ideas and resources for Pre-school Children. They have quite several learning areas like English, Maths, Music and so on. Some of the activities you just need to download and let your child do while some you may need to do some craft work before you play/teach with your child.

Activities & Free Resources For Parents During Home Learning Or When Stucked 2

Learn & Grow With Me

If you don’t have a printer, no time or lazy to do the craft, you can buy a craft kit from Learn & Grow With Me. They create interesting experiences for young children through each learning activity pack while increasing their level of language, numeracy and science knowledge.

Activities & Free Resources For Parents During Home Learning Or When Stucked 3
The Three Fish (三条鱼) from Learn & Grow
Didi doing one of the activity 毛毛虫

Resources For Primary School Kids

Exam paper and worksheets

If you feel Home Based Learning is not enough to keep your schooling kids occupied, all these links below are sites where you can print free past year exam papers and worksheets relevant for our Singapore kids.
Primary 1 to Primary 6 Maths Worksheets
SAP Online Resources
KooBits (Paid)
My girls have been doing on and off since last year. Interactive, rewards and colourful interface are what motivates my girls for doing the work. It also helps to detect your child weakness so you will know which topic to focus on.
You can start their free trial for 7 days and see if you like it.

Activities To Do At Home

The number of activities that you can do at home can be unlimited. From water play, toys, baking together or even letting your kids to play your stuff..haha.. Anyway, here are some of the example of the activities my kids do at home.

Learn how to draw

This youtube video Art For Kids Hub is discovered by my girls who loved to draw and I found it very useful and interesting for the kids to keep them occupied for quite long. If your kids don’t know how to draw, you can buy from DrawnBy Jessica colouring mat which I have been using and buying since 2 years back. I love it that Jessica, the founder, is the designer herself. Her drawings are very detailed, good for colouring and learning new words at the same time.

Normally I will colour with the kids, but I will do my own adult colouring book. You can quote “QIQIDB10” for a 10% discount on regular price items.

Activities & Free Resources For Parents During Home Learning Or When Stucked 4
Xiaomei and her friend playing coloring mat

Camping at Home

One of the activity my kids love to play is to stack cushions and pillows to build tent. It’s fun.. just don’t go in and destroy their house haha.

Other than study time, normally I let them play what they want unless they want to play with water which needs adult supervision since I have toddlers at home. If you have only one child and need to work from home and keep them occupied you may want to read my previous article on how to work from home with a young child.

Home Learning

Below is the schedule for my 2 girls who are having home-based learning at home. What suits me may not suit you, so please arrange the schedule at your own time and convenience. You can download the template, I have saved it in pdf and word format.

Activities & Free Resources For Parents During Home Learning Or When Stucked 5
This is my schedule, if you want to reshare, please let me know.


I saw this before in FB by a USA mum, she got 3 kids doing online school work at the same time and the kids keep asking for snacks. Sometimes when kids ask for food is not because they are hungry. They just want to eat something or to get away from the lesson. So she prepares each of them a basket of food and drink, they are free to eat and drink anything in the basket in that few hours. No replenish if they finish it earlier! Let me know if it works for you!

Activities & Free Resources For Parents During Home Learning Or When Stucked 6
Their snack box

All the best and may we overcome this phase!


Hihi, I’m Qiqi, a mother of 4, staying in a sunny Singapore. 

Started blogging since 2004, stop blogging in between while trying to manage my parenting life and business. 

Hope my articles help you achieve what you need in life. 




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