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A Gift to Share, A lesson Learn

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Gynae visit today! I think nobody will be happy to see a doctor, but when seeing your gynae is a different story, right! 

Me on the way to see my Gynae ~ Prof Han from KKH

A Gift to Share, A lesson Learn 1
My cute tummy… haha.. don’t ask me why I say is cute is because everyone around me, the first thing they say: “ahyo ur tummy so cute!” 

A Gift to Share, A lesson Learn 2
Reached there early to meet up SCBB coordinator to discuss about donating blood cord. Actually not much discussion involved because since I’m in medical line more or less I know what is it about and have been researching myself. 

So after going through the so called counselling ~ Mr Tan and I decided to donate our baby cord blood. 

Gift to share ~ Baby’s cord blood
Lesson Learn: Actually is for my baby girl to learn. To learn the virtue of sharing. 

More about cord blood donating
If you decided to donate your cord blood, call up SCBB, they will do some simple screening and meet up with you again when you are in your 32 weeks. 
Once you have sign the consent form and pass through all the screening test, then your cord blood will be taken for donation. 
If you have not sign anything or go through any screening test by the SCBB, your cord blood will be throw away, NOT donated. 
A lot of people have this misconception that it will be automatically be donated. 

Unfortunately NO. Because they need to go through your family history, take your blood to make sure you are free of transmitted disease etc. If you haven’t done any of this test by SCBB, they will not take any of the cord blood. 

Another misconception, do not think that cord blood act wonders. If *touch wood* one of the child have blood disorder, you can’t use the same cord blood, because chances of the cord blood will or might have the same blood disorder. Unless if its genetic or neuro issues yap u can use the same cord blood. So please don’t argue with the medical staff why you can’t have priority or why can’t use. Its really based on medical conditions. So for blood disorder they will instead match you with another best matched cord blood. 

For more information, Please call SCBB or go to their website 🙂

A Gift to Share, A lesson Learn 3

Free gift from SCBB, although nothing much but is cute and useful 🙂
Baby height measurement chart

A Gift to Share, A lesson Learn 4

After seeing Dr Han, we found ourselves going through the pre-admission counselling… Haha.. so fast right! But both Mr Tan and me are happy to go through 😛

A Gift to Share, A lesson Learn 5
Now we are waiting for baby to arrive! 

Baby stuff and hospital bag mostly settled. 
Now we only left baby full month catering and cakes to settle. 

Love to keep myself occupied!


Nobody like the feeling of being cheated but seriously don’t understand the rationale of doing this. 

Never lose any money but also a money spend to learn a lesson. 
It’s nothing big deal actually but thinking why one trying so hard to lie or hide the facts? Isn’t it tiring? If its a tom dick and harry, maybe I don’t even care, but if the party is someone you know then you will feel cheated. 

Anyone have the same feeling? I hope you don’t have.. 


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