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5th day..

Today is the 5th day of my work.. but I’m already started out alone.. 🙁 Coz the other staff need to go back to the main lab as they are short of staff, so I haven’t finish my orientation and I’m let out to ‘fly’…. -,-“

Lucky, so far so good.. **keep my finger cross**

This is my “Doraemon” Bag.. I will have to carry this bag around whenever I have calls from clinic.
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I have bought my lunch box, it can keep the food hot for 6-8 hours.
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Me still need to get use to the codes of the lab test, different tubes to be use, etc.. and while checking, the handphone keep on ringing asking for Phlebotomist. :X

But so far I still like the job. 😀

Last week friday, meet up my ex-colleagues for dinner, Dr Low treating all the nurses and clinic staff.

We had dinner at Nasi Pandang at Cairnhill Road, behind Paragon. Alot of food is spicy so I ask for a cup of hot water and “wash” away the chilli.
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The rest enjoying the food
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Yummy dessert
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Group pics!
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Tired.. got to sleep, slowly I’m getting use to office hours, but I still miss my 3 rotating shift, no one will squeeze you in the train, shop during no peak hours etc..

**Dreaming** Night Night



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