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Back to blogging. 
Can’t imagine my last blog post was almost 1 year ago! I’m really lazy haha.. Can’t blame me, busy with my wedding, my online business (currently on hold), part-time school and working. Trying to max out my 24hours per day hur… haha.. 
But right now, my life is only working because 1 month after my wedding, a little life has decided to come into me and Mr Tan’s life!! Yes, right now this little life is in my tummy for coming to 8 months! How wonderful is that, feeling a life kicking in ur stomach (to be exact is womb).. 
That’s why my heading is roller coaster ride, I have wedding, honeymoon, and “da..da..” 
The baby is “make” when Mr Tan and I having our honeymoon in Europe.. romantic place to make baby yah.. *hahaha*
Today my first post of 2011 shall be the journey of my pregnancy πŸ™‚ 
End February 2011 to Early March 2011
~ The paranoid feeling “Am I Pregnant?”~
When I was on my way back to Singapore in the airplane, I felt very uncomfortable, but can’t really explained where exactly which part I’m not feeling alright. As Mr Tan and me are trying for baby and I feel uncomfortable I skip my usual red wine order in the air plane. 
Subsequently the uncomfortable feeling continue to ‘hunt’ me for weeks! Sometimes super good appetite sometimes don’t even feel like eating anything. Even my sleeping patterns also change. I have to sleep very very early like 9pm plus and I keep on waking up in the middle of the night for toilet! 
Ok so I thought something is really really very wrong, I started to dislike my favorite food which is fish but I blame it on the fish freshness that’s why it have a kind of smell.  At this point of time, I was thinking maybe I’m pregnant? Because frequently toilet visit, means ur kidney are working real hard in the initial stage on conceived. 

Taken from Babycentre
Why the change? Shortly after you become pregnant, hormonal changes cause blood to flow more quickly through your kidneys, filling your bladder more often.

What’s more, over the course of your pregnancy the amount of blood in your body rises until you have almost 50 percent more than before you got pregnant. This leads to a lot of extra fluid getting processed through your kidneys and ending up in your bladder.”

So after reading this I decided to buy test kit and try even though the kit instruction clearly stated to test when u miss your menses. I go against the advice and go ahead testing. Of course it turns out negative.. 
So I started to get real paranoid. Thinking my kidney is failing me, something is wrong with me blah blah.. I even go the extend of smelling my own urine.. YES smelling my own urine.. For those who work in the medical line this kind of action is not a surprise, and for those who don’t sorry to gross u guys out but having a habit of looking and smelling ur pee and poo is a good habit, helps to detect early disease. 
Mr Tan notice that I’m a bit weird and I just tell him I’m feeling uncomfortable and feel like dying.. He just sayang me and say crazy.. 
So all this continue for about another 1 week, and itchy me decided to buy another test kit again to try even though my menses is not due yet. Can u believe until now I have’t tell a single soul! Haha.. 
As expected the results turn out negative. 
So I gave up and decide to wait for my SPECIAL day (which is my menses day) to come. 
Don’t ask me about Mr Tan’s reaction haha.. because I had my urine test while I’m at work and I send a mass picture message of the results to my family and Mr Tan!
Finally all my paranoid is over, told my mom and my sister about my early symptoms, my sister said I’m crazy, my mother understand. Because I’m just too sensitive to my body changes. That does happen to some of the pregnant ladies out there too.. So don’t be paranoid if you happen to be another odd “creatures” like me *hahaha*
Roller Coaster Ride ~ 2011 1
1st trim to 2nd trim
~ “Honeymoon” Period ~
My 1st trim is quite alright compare to my sister and from what I’ve read before in the forums. Not much of vomiting. At least I get to “keep” my food in my stomach for 1-2 hours before vomiting out the remaining undigested food. 
Mr Tan try to keep me and the baby well nutrient by making milk everyday in the morning and sometimes at night. Because I hate to drink milk, so he have to make the milk and make sure I drink it.. So sweet ah.. and helping me wearing compression socking at night to promote blood circulation and reduce cramps. 
Roller Coaster Ride ~ 2011 2
During mid 2nd trim, somehow I fainted while a work. Lucky my boss is around to “catch” me. So faster went to see my gynecologist ~ Prof Han H.C. from KKH. Lucky is not a very big issues, I’m not malnutrition, just happen my active little baby girl press on my major blood vessels ~ Vena Cava. 
2nd Trim till Present
~ Feeling useless ~

After the fainting episode, few days later I started to feel numbness on my left thigh, and if I continue to stand or walk, I will start to feel weakness, aching and numbness to my whole left leg. Again, the baby is pressing on the sciatic nerve -.-“… So no choice, it can’t be cured coz only the baby shift her position then I will no be experience this. Still I continue my walking exercise as per normal, just that I got to rest awhile before continue walking. 
But on one particular day, my right leg decided to give up! I experience sharp pain from my right butt all the way to the foot. I CAN’T WALK!! 
I have to ask Mr Tan to act as my clutches when he came to fetch me from work. I can’t turn when I’m sleeping. Suddenly I feel very depressed and emo… 
It’s not the pain that’s making me miserable, its the disability that making me feel useless. Can’t walk properly, obstructing peoples’ walkway, cannot bend, cannot climb cannot even sit properly. 
To make matter worse, I can’t rely on my left leg coz I will feel numbness and weak after a while. So both leg is weak and almost useless to me at that point of time. 
After seeing Prof Han, he said my bone somehow got dislocated or “misplace”. When pregnant, out bone joints will get lose due to hormones and water retention, so when I have big movement like climbing, carry heavy stuff etc, the bones give way.
So he refer me to orthopedic specialist and physiotherapy. So right now I’m walking like a penguin. Hopefully my visit to the orthopedic and  physiotherapy will be a great help, because asking me to control what I eat is easier then feeling disabled. 
Anyway after visiting him, I went to visit my TCM doctor, and ask her help me adjust so that at least I can walk better. I trust her because she specialist in woman and also she took care of my mom when she had us (the 3 kids). So at least I can walk better, walking straight without assistant but can’t walk side way, can’t turn, can’t bend like a penguin, but better then nothing. 
Roller Coaster Ride ~ 2011 3
So right now, my left leg got to lift up above my hip, to prevent water retention and numbness because of the sciatic syndrome and my right leg knee got to stay below hip level… such a funny position.. 
But as long as my baby girl is healthy, normal weight and smooth delivery.. I’m happy for now.. πŸ˜€

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