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Benny brought me and his family to have a seafood feast on Sunday. Nowadays when Benny is free, he will bring me and his family (or my family) to have a nice feast. As his job is quite busy and stress nowadays.

We went to Geylang – No signboard Resturant. Overall I give 8/10 compared to Jumbo where we went there last month. Minus 2 point off coz the crab is quite expensive compared to what I usually eat even though its really worth the price.

No signboard…
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Altogether we ordered 3 crabs – Salty egg yolk (highly recommended), chilli crab and their signature dish – White pepper crab.
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Golden bun – a must have if u order chilli crab.. nice!
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Drunken prawns
The staff cook it one the spot, fresh and big prawns. The soup is nice, it will taste much nice if the alcohol taste is stronger. :X
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Deer meat, taste more like pork just that the texture is more smooth
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My favourite (actually all seafood is my favourite la πŸ˜› )
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Benny.. *love*
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When I reach home I received a big parcel ~
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It from korea, bought 3 pairs of shoes and 1 vest from Korean Gmarket, Really quite a big parcel just from 3 items. -.-“
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The shoes, its really in good quality, except it does bite abit on my first day of wearing for the ivory one. Size wise it fits true, I wear 8.5.
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I love the vest alot even though it cost alittle bit more expensive then the shoes.
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For those who are interested you can visit this website -> Here. The processing of order till shipping takes roughly about 2 weeks. As for the price of my 3 items after breakeven, each cost roughly less then $30 which is really woth it for quality and design which is true to the pics too.

Same as other online shopping, do read the seller reviews before proceed your orders and on the top right hand corner you can change the website language to English for easy reading. πŸ™‚

Benny sign up amore fitness for me so I can continue to enjoy the pilates course etc when I’m studying at the same time. Previously join community centre for kickboxing and pilates before I go back to school, but now with school on weekdays its impossible for me to workout. Now I can go on weekends, so it wouldn’t feel bored or just laze at home and become unhealthy. πŸ˜›

Tomorrow is my first lesson!! Hope I will be enjoying the fitness coz I’m going to stick with them for 4 yrs!! That is how long benny have sign for me -.-“

Btw, have you guys realised that the photos is now clearer, hehe coz I have change my phone to Iphone, a birthday gift from Benny. The quality is really good, even though I have camera, but I’m lazy to bring it out coz my camera is kinf of bulky. πŸ˜›

Night night everyone!


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