Yoomi ~ The self heating bottle & Giveaway!

Ask all mom who use bottle to feed their baby with breast milk, what is the most common problem they face?

WARMING UP THE EBM that is kept in the fridge!!
(*ebm aka expressed breastmilk)

Especially during the wee hours, your eyes barely open, your baby screaming for milk, but the milk isn’t warming up first enough and you are unsure whether the temperature is still too cold or too hot for your baby to consume. How u wish that there is SOMETHING to help you and your poor baby.

IF the above scenario is familiar to you… PLEASE READ ON!!

I’m so excited when YOOMI Singapore distributor approached me, whether if I’m keen to try this product.

Beautiful packaging!

The STAR of the milk bottle ~~ the pod and the warmer

So how you use it??  The instructions menu~~

Look confusing?? Actually is very easy~~

> Put the warmer into the pod, placed it inside the microwave for 60 secs.
> Take out shake shake, did you hear the rattle sound?
If yes, shake for 30 secs, put inside microwave again for another 30 secs, and then shake for another 10 sec.
If no, heat it again for another 10 secs till you hear the rattle sound.

That’s how u charged your warmer!


Once your warmer is charged, DO NOT USE IT STRAIGHT AWAY. Let it cool down for 75 mins or put the warmer in cold water for 20 mins.
Once it’s cool down, your warmer is considered CHARGED and you are ready to use it anytime!

You can put the warmer outside or put it inside the bottle and fridge it. Don’t worry the cold temperature in the fridge doesn’t affect the warmer function!

If you are ready to use, activate the warmer by pressing the button!

After pressing the button, placed your milk bottle upright for 30 secs, and then turn it over for another 30 secs.


Once the warmer is activated, it can help to keep your milk warm for up to an hour.

The warmer can be used up to 150 times.

The new version can charged up to 250 times!!

They have a chart for you, so you can take note! Stick it on your fridge!

For reheating of the warmer, you can just
> put inside

This is really cool for mommy who are giving EBM for their little ones. As it not only helps to make the milk warm faster (in 1 min), it also ensure that the milk is within the correct temperature for feeding.

My personal views:
> warm milk within 1 min
> Ensure right temperature (32-34 degree c) to avoid scalding the baby or feed baby with cold milk which may cause tummy upset.
> No need to bring hot flask or request for hot water when you are outside
> Able to keep milk warm for up to an hour, so you no need to rewarm your milk again, especially when you are on the go.
> No need use plug or batteries which might be quite troublesome when you are on the go.

> The bottle might be a little heavy  if you are going to leave the warmer inside the bottle when feeding baby.

> My girl is used to her 5Phases teats so it takes awhile for her to adjust, and personally I used glass bottles (up to 18 months) for my kids,  so what I do is I use this to warm the milk and pour into her 5Phases milk bottle. I don’t heat my EBM in any of the plastic bottles or plastic milk bag even though it is BPA free. BUT I’m still keen on using this warmer despite the bottle is not my preference because the warmer does not heat the bottle, it’s actually heating the milk itself, if you look carefully at the above photo. So I’m comfortable with that.
So for mommy who are keen in this product but prefer certain brand teats and wish to ease your trouble at night or on the go, you can do transferring like what I do. Even though it might be a little troublesome but better than waiting for few mins for the milk to warm and unsure of the temperature and/or “begging” around for hot water to warm your EBM.

> once charged it can only be use it one time. So u might need to buy a few if ur little ones wake up for night feeds frequently or if u are going out for long hours.


Just look at the pros definately outweigh the cons.

YOOMI is going to have their 1st product launch this coming October Baby Fair

Details: 2-5 OCtober
Location: Singapore Expo
Time: 11am to 830pm
Organizer: Baby Market

Usual Price: S$59.90
Launch Promotion: S$49.90 + FREE 5oz bottle (worth S$18.90)


Additional 5% off on top of launch promotion (valid for purchase during Baby Market 2-5 Oct ONLY)
By quoting “MISSYQIQI” or show this blog post.

For those who wish to try their luck
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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