Yersterday receive 1 letter from OCBC, was curious why they send letter to me cause i don’t have a bank account with them. Anyway i just open up the letter, than i realised that i have won a $500 in their lucky draw in the month of july!! Haha… (^ v ^) Was so happy and glad that i have this sum of money. I can save in my UOB account. Hee… Ok enough of happiness liao…

Today work afternoon but was damm busy, 4 admissions, lots of procedure and order etc. Table was in the mess… But lucky that we manage to finish in time but my poor stomach start to “make music” in the late afternoon but have to wait until almost 8pm then i have my dinner. Although busy but still quite happy cause i get to do alot of things, function better as a professional nurse. (gee.. too much complaint to myself liao) Hope tonight i have a good night sleep as tomorrow i’m going to work morning shift, then after that i got assignment to go (hee… again got money to earn liao).

By the way, dear just introduce me 1 game, “The Maplestory”, very nice and cute game. Hope i don’t get hooked too much. You guys can have a try to.


Night night….


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