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Work Place environment friendly

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Since tmr is Valentines Day, I give the best gift to my bosses which is ME!! Haha… Don’t think “y” “y” ok!! I’m glad bosses welcome me back happily, at least this is what I feel :p hehe… N seriously i really got nice bosses, really appreciate for that. 感恩!

I’m glad that the clinic is busy today otherwise I will have “baby withdrawal symptoms” lol!! Even though I put baby Yi He in infant care since 1st Feb, but when I’m at home I get to see her cot, smell her clothes when I’m doing laundry but at work I can’t smell anything even though I can look at her photos :p

Besides “baby withdrawal symptoms”, overall I’m happy and glad to be back at work.. Coz my work place is breast-pump-friendly!! Coz normally my bosses finish their clinic around 12plus, so I have about 20mins to 3mins to pump my milk, unless there’s a lot of patient. That’s not an issue coz I can pump during lunch break. And I can pump after work or when the clinic finish. Hehe…
I can use the mini operating theatre to do pumping, at least not in the toilet.
I got fridge the store my breast milk so no need to worry my milk will spoil.

Really makes my breastfeeding journey wonderful when work place is friendly for pumping milk, especially for working moms. Not only work place environment friendly, I think bosses support also very important. At least I feel that I’m wanted and will work harder since bosses are great. 要知恩图报! All the bosses out there must follow!! Coz it’s a true “confession” from a 打工仔 (worker)… Lol….

To all my mommy readers, is your work place environment friendly for pumping breast milk? If not, how u survive and overcome the obstacles?

*sweet short post while waiting Mr Tan to fetch me :D*

Out of the blue:
Was talking to my friend about “Mrs Singapore” organise by the pageant company I took part with before during the Ms Singapore days. Me not into pageant anymore, no feel >.< haha... Don't want to go through the hectic numerous rehearsals and stressful Q&A BUT..... I do miss Modeling....

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