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Why Dad Need To Be Supportive To Entrepreneur Mum

Supporting your wife entrepreneur journey

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While we focus on the Mumtrepreneur journey, we must not forget their significant other, aka your hubby. Entrepreneurship is never an easy journey without the support of your family and loved ones, especially when it involves your kids.

When I told my hubby that I wanted to start a business, he just says “go ahead”. No words of negative, discouragement. Not only that, he has to understand that I may not have time to chat with him at night due to the time spent busy setting up the business and sourcing for suppliers, after my long day of (full-time) work. Sometimes he even accompanied me to work, just by sitting beside me.

But why is it important for hubby to support their spouse on this entrepreneurial journey?


It is never easy to step out of one’s comfort zone to start afresh. She may have to endure the stress of one’s income ‘reducing’ in the household, especially if the business fails, it can often take the family’s financials down with it.

Double role

Entrepreneurship is NEVER an easy journey. Everyone thinks that “being your own boss” can bring you greater income, and high flexibility for you to take time off whenever you want. In actual fact, the true entrepreneur life is a battle of long hours, high risk and uncertainties. More often than not, the Mumpreneur has to make an extra effort in making sure she has met the needs of their child while handling the business, both at the same time.


Kids who are under the influence of an entrepreneur parent more often organically absorb the entrepreneur character just by seeing how your spouse works, talk and behave. And because their mum is an entrepreneur, the way and tone of the conversation will naturally be different from other parents. Through this, they can learn about independence, lifelong learning, taking action, curiosity and a growth mindset.

Here are some of the things that my hubby does to help me to grow


Not only did he give me encouraging words, but he also took supportive action. If I’m rushing for a deadline, he helps me to manage the kids. Making them to bed, carrying them when they are cranky. He helps me and teaches me to manage buyers when I’m not confident. We research and discuss together, making sure that I’m on the right track.

I understand some husbands may not want to support their wives, worrying that they jump into a business and lose thousands of dollars. Of course, there are cases like this. Instead of throwing them a cold blanket by saying nasty or discouraging words. Why not just help them along, by telling them to research more about the market, talk with other business owners, friends or someone who is in a similar market or industry who could give your wife good information or insights before jumping into it?

Hubby should support you in making your dream come true, and not rub into your face how much they have helped or even worst, they give up on helping their wives. If all fails, at least you know you’ve both tried and there are no regrets. And what’s next for the Mumpreneur? Start another venture of course 

Alleviating The Guilt

As I mentioned previously, entrepreneurship is not an easy journey. In the initial stage of my business, I spent a lot of time building it, spending a lot of time building it, means the time spent with my kids will be lesser. Often, I said to myself, I started the business in order to spend time with my kids, but ended up having to sacrifice some of their time to rush out my deadline or attend consumer fairs which are over the weekend. Hubby reassured me that everything is well taken care of by making sure he is able to fetch them and asking for help from my parents. Taking photos of their moments to me, so that I know they are happy and in good hands.


Before we have our own helper, managing a full-time job, a business, 2 kids and housework is not an easy task. While I do the cooking, he will do the cleaning, hanging of laundry and sometimes weekend cooking in order for me to rest more.

I grew up watching my dad doing housework when he was free. So to me running a house is not a one-man job, it doesn’t mean it is a wife’s duty only.  The house belongs to the whole family, a family which is united by 2 people. I’m glad that my hubby, not only took up the role of a responsible father to our daughter, but he also take up the role to be a helpful husband, ensuring that the housework is well taken care of, while I work through my way of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is not possible without the support of loved ones. Their dreams are made possible because of you.  Or, your dreams are made possible because of them. It works both ways.


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