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Wedding shoot n Thailand

Hey folks!! Think I heard echo!! Haha coz I have been neglecting my blog for such a long time. Because of facebook, blogging sometimes become a fuss because of loading the photos typing all the wording etc.. But some how Blogging still stays in a small corner of my heart which makes me wants to blog 😡 and I hope seriously I can keep my blog alive again with no echo heard!

Some updates of my Taiwan wedding shoot trip. The photo shown here is taken directly from the computer, that explain why the photos is not clear

Hope u guys like it as much as I do!

Wedding shoot n Thailand 1

Wedding shoot n Thailand 2

Wedding shoot n Thailand 3

Wedding shoot n Thailand 4

Wedding shoot n Thailand 5

I love the sunflower n vintage shoot! Sunflower is going to be wedding theme! Really have to thanks for my family n Benny for making all this coming true for me : D

After 9 days of Taiwan trip, Benny n me went for our first overseas trip together to Thailand for SHOPPING!! what can a girl ask for *blissful* haha

Will load the BKK trip photos soon!! I PROMISE :p

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