“True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”


 Wake up early on Sunday coz my gal keeps on pulling my hair when I put beside me to play on my bed while I sleep.

Just nice Hubby came back after fetching my father in law. He said faster dress up and go for breakfast! Like a kid, I shouted yappie and faster bathe Yi He and myself, all getting ready for Breakfast. 🙂

Hubby brought us to Prive for breakfast! It feels so nice to be back here again ~ The Keppel Bay! The last time I was here with hubby colleagues for their team gathering, where they rented a yacht.

Nice scenery, yummy food and sun bathing.. I love SUN!

Our little family

After breakfast, we went for lunch with my father in law and then head down to IKEA to have a look at the kitchen design.

YES is for our new home! Will be collecting our keys on the 23 September. Can’t wait for that day to come, and renovation. After seeing online reviews on hopw bad the renovation works is, how the designer behave before and after accepting the job offer, I hope is not a disaster to me. Hubby and I still taking our time to choose the one which suits us the best and hopefully the best deal. 😛

After that we went home to prepare my 5th wedding dinner this year . Its my good friend’s wedding Cindy 😀 and her hubby Elson.

So happy for Cindy that she finally found her one. I always remember that she said she envy me coz I have Mr Tan’s love and the things he always buy for me or do for me without me asking. So I told her that u are still young, definitely one day u will find your ONLY ONE! And I glad she did.
I trust Elson will take good care of her and she will too.

The beautiful couple (taken from Elson FB)

Me on the way!~

I glad the makeup turns out well, coz I left my eyelash glue at work place. So faster went to Watsons to buy, but Tampines Mart Watsons doesn’t sell eyelash glue!! Panic, I faster rush over to the cosmetic shop, those like lobang shop which sell toiletries also. Luckily they have it, and it works well, actually better then what selling in Watsons. Try putting fake eyelash in a mobile car, this eyelash glue really is a life saver!

Even though it stated there for double eye lid, but it works pretty well for fake eyelash. 🙂 Now this become one of my favorite make-up! 

The wedding card and the dinner menu

Ok finally reach the hotel! Wedding dinner is held at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa. Is a beautiful place, and feels romantic too. I think is because the hotel is all the way inside Sentosa, quiet and with nice ambiance too..

Me and Baby Yi He. Asking Mr tan to take photo always make my cry… so blur!

The beautiful bride Cindy, Me and Yi He


Me enjoying the dinner

 My favorite fish head!! Yummy!

Wedding, Rose & Wine = Love

Baby Yi He enjoying the aircon. I forgot to bring blanket for her to hug, so I use the napkin instead.. >.<

The wedding cake, I love the icing.. nice.. not too sweet

Me and the bride

The yummy dessert ~ mango pudding with seasonal berry

Me after the wedding dinner. 🙂 Wearing back my ASOS jumpsuit.. Forget to do shopping >.<

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