Haven’t update for quite some days, sorry folks, coz someone is using my photos to make friends in friendster, so I need to watermark my photos from now on. I still can’t find a free download anyone knows? Coz I don’t have photoshop…

In the first place never think of using watermark coz I feel that the photos will not be very nice with the wordings cover up the face, clothes or background. But now I got no choice so I got to spend extra time to watermark my pics.. 🙁 As for the rest of the pics which I have already post them for the past 1yr got no choice but to forget it. Otherwise if things get out of hand (i hope not) Maybe will need to lock up my blog….

Ok enough of the stuff..

Got my exam on thursday! So happy! I pass haha.. but got A, B+ and C.. 😛 Really have to thanks alot to my friends who have teach me day and night without letting me go till I have understand the subject.. *touch* A BIG hugs to all of you!! 😛

Oh ya I just got back few hours ago from St. James Power House, to watch CLEO Most Eligiable Bachelors!! Haha.. One of my friend ~ Dylan is in it, so got tickets from him and went over to support him!! And I finally got to meet Peggy!! She look very pretty and fresh in person!! Haha.. Tap her from the back, Benny said how u know is her, I said I just know lor.. Haha.. .Don’t know what answer is that -__-“

Need to see the hot guys photos 😛 haha.. got to wait for Cindy (my darling missy) to send me the pics 😀 Coz till now I still haven’t got my camera repaired.. -___-“

Ok thats for tonight.. sorry for not having any pics.. 🙁
Good night..

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