Been busy this few days, on night shift than doing 2 modeling assignment. Actually after doing the same assignment for the pass 2 days, i feel that it doesn’t seems like a modeling assignment to me. Is a tiger beer new product launch, we are so called the ambassdor. So what we do is we do ushering, serve beer and clear empty beer glasses. Actually not so much of ushering. The first day, when i do the job is ok, only when the offical product launch which is yesterday, this is the first time, i actually feel like crying. The place they held the event is at sentosa, at the yatch area. It is held at the platform where there is alot of holes in it, so imgine us wearing high heels walking around carrying the glasses of beer, i keep on getting my heels stuck in between the holes. I have to keep on bending down and pull it out. What makes my heartache is i’m wearing my gold GUESS heels, so u can imgine the pulling out actually chipped off my heels part. Told one of the incharge regarding this that is hard for us to serve and clear walking around having our heels keep on getting stuck in between, her reply and attidude was, no choice lor, no matter what trip or not trip we still have to serve. Ok fine, my face can see is totally black. So whenever i saw her i couldn’t be bother looking at her. When they ask us to eat, i didn’t have mood to eat at all, only eat afew bites than continue working. Can’t wait for the whole thing is over. Really feel like sms my agent to tell her that i don’t wish to work this kind of beer serving thing anymore, not because of that only. Imgine, they have those tiger beer staff, standing behind the counter keep on asking me whether still got any glasses to clear anot, keep on asking me to walk around have bring it to them. And i was wondering what r u doing than behind the bar?? Standing down there and chit chat, nobody offer help when i’m carrying a tray with 6 glasses, and having my heels stuck in between. Never in my life i feel so humiliate , feel like a high class beer gal.

But is ok, was thinking to myself, since only left 2-3 hours, i shall endure it. Sometimes I like to go to the place where the guest will ask me stuff, so i don’t need to walk around, I will recommand the type of drink, explain to them the different types etc.. I rather do this, coz for me, this is more like an ushering or mingling around. Anyway showing face to that incharge i will be expected a complain, true enough, but i really don’t bother much. Coz i really feel damm upset. Never in my modeling life feel so humiliating. For me u want me stand under the sun for hours, repeat the moves for hours, stand for hours etc i can take it, but don’t humiliate me.

~~~~~~ End of my rant…~~~~~~~~~~

Ok but to happy stuff, coz when upset must think about happy moments!!! Hehe… 8 MORE DAYS to my birthday!!!!!! Yapeee and 3 MORE DAYS to my ANNUAL LEAVE!!!! I’m a happy gal!!! Going to book SPA to relax myself for one whole day! Every gals derserve a good spa once in awhile hehe.. Planning for FIL spa, coz been there before is very nice, for their service! Or any other recommandation?? 🙂

Shall plan my leave a good one, but don’t ask me to clear my rooms, i know those who have been to my room, is like a tyhpoon has just came, with my N pairs of shoes, clothes and bags lying around… ;p should think of better ways to keep my shoes, so many of them **faint** .. Ok have to stop here le… feeling about sick liao.. sick during on leave no good.. ;p

Have a good day folks. Oh ya today one of my patient went back home, she so happy and thanks me alot, suddenly she gave me one tight hug, until i cannot breath liao.. she’s cute, ya all my old aunites are cute… hehe.. I will miss them..


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