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Trick or Treats?!

How you guys spend your halloween nights? With lots of screaming? Running for your lifes? Or admiring each other dressing up?

I’m not a fan of halloween nights. Haha.. U can ask me go bungee jump or have a ride in pirate ship but no way of getting myself scared by vampires, ghost or some knife sticking out of know where.
Mr Tan share the same thinking as me. Both of us always have the same topics years after years:


Don’t mind us, our hearts are not that strong, hahaha..
Mr Tan is even more timid than me! He don’t even dare to seat pirate ship ok! Haha.. but I think both of us are glad we have each other as partner. We don’t spend money on movie tickets to watch scary shows. Both of us will have nightmare.. !!

Since both of us don’t celebrate, is just like a normal days for us. He was home early for dinner yesterday, so he help to manage Yi He while I cook. Simple day right… until we heard


I went to open the door……


Cute like young kids start to ding dong and appeared infront of my door steps shouting tricks or treats! I was so shock and happy to see them, coz they look so cute (even though some try hard to be scary)..
But some don’t dare to press my door bells, I was hoping they do that! Shy Shy!

Inititally Yi He was scared, but after that she seems ok, but when me and Mr Tan was peeping through the door and signal Yi He to “shhh”, she thought what happen and started crying.. such a funny sight!

Anyway here are the 2 groups of kids who are brave to “Ding Dong”
IMG-20131030-WA0007[1] 20131031_195641[1]

Yi He giving out treats to the girls, lucky I have some sweets at home. Good time to clear too hahaha..

Is so nice to see my neighbours are so fun, some are accompanied by parents. So Mr Tan and I decided to do that next yr for YiHe! Think this will be quite fun right…and best thing is I get to dress Yi He up! hahaha.. but need to think how to settle the sweets after collecting..
Of coz we hope our neighbours don’t slam the door right at our face, I think that is what happen to some of them thus they never came knocking our doors. Told Mr Tan to open the door he refused. I think he like to hear “DING DONG”..

So I have 1 yr to think of what to dress Yi He up so in a mean while you guys just settle with this yeah….


Have a fun weekend and Happy Deepavali to all India readers and friends!! 😀


Hihi, I’m Qiqi, a mother of 4, staying in a sunny Singapore. 

Started blogging since 2004, stop blogging in between while trying to manage my parenting life and business. 

Hope my articles help you achieve what you need in life. 




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