The Wedding Season


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Ooo.. back to blogging.. so long!! So busy with my pre-orders stuff.. hehe.. Can’t wait for my first batch of pre-orders to arrived!
Anyway back to today post, going to post lots of photos today.. All the wedding post! lol…
This yr I have 8 wedding dinnner!! Can u imagine?! In that case will I have a lot of baby shower next yr also? Hehe.. can’t wait to see all the babies πŸ˜›
1st wedding for March
~ Dex wedding (Mr Tan’s colleague)
*I love to attend banker’s wedding! Full of fun and entertainment!!* Lol
Must do when u are stuck in the traffic jam ~ photo taking!
The Wedding Season 1

Milk Milk time!! When I ask the staff for hot water to warm my EBM, she gave me a small cup which I can’t put my bottle, so I ask for a bigger one, end up she gave me the size of a table flower vase >.
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