The Wedding Season

Ooo.. back to blogging.. so long!! So busy with my pre-orders stuff.. hehe.. Can’t wait for my first batch of pre-orders to arrived!
Anyway back to today post, going to post lots of photos today.. All the wedding post! lol…
This yr I have 8 wedding dinnner!! Can u imagine?! In that case will I have a lot of baby shower next yr also? Hehe.. can’t wait to see all the babies 😛
1st wedding for March
~ Dex wedding (Mr Tan’s colleague)
*I love to attend banker’s wedding! Full of fun and entertainment!!* Lol
Must do when u are stuck in the traffic jam ~ photo taking!

Milk Milk time!! When I ask the staff for hot water to warm my EBM, she gave me a small cup which I can’t put my bottle, so I ask for a bigger one, end up she gave me the size of a table flower vase >.(too bad forget to take photo of that)
 The gift ~ luggage tag

The yummy food! I love the wasabi prawn , super nice!

Baby and me!

Heart my satin green heels from ASOS

Hubby and me

Photo taking time again during toilet break (haha.. yap all the table empty lol) and baby sleeping!! 😀

Mirror mirror on the wall! Me, and hubby’s colleague!

One more shoot @ the carpark!!

2nd Wedding for March
My FIL’s friend’s Son wedding 
back to the same hotel lol!!

Fetch Yi He from school
 Mr Tan with Yi He

Mr Tan and me

Mirror Mirror on the wall ~ AGAIN!

Another 6″ heels from ASOS

Still got a lot of pics to load, but my sister haven’t give me yet.. >.<

Anyway will have some more wedding pics haha.. coz this sat is Barry’s wedding!! can’t wait hehe.. coz I expect lots of fun and dancing!

Have a good weekend folks! I have a feeling that mine will be a great one! 😛

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