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Watched yesterday Olympics opening. Is really really fantastic!! Really kudos to Zhang YiMou! Those who have miss it can catch some of the special highlights at HERE!

Last Tuesday meet up with Serene, WanJing and Pamie for dinner (I know is not-so-updated). So nice to meet up with them, can’t remember when was our last group meet up.. think ever since Uncle Jonathan got married? Hope we will be able to meet us as a big group again! 😀

We went to Pasta De WaraKu for dinner. Was abit disappointed with the seafood , it was a cold pasta with sashimi. It is much more better as a salad itself when I had it in waraku. So don’t order this when u go there.

We ordered a few side dishes to ease our stomach while waiting for Pamie to arrived! End up we ate to much and decided to eat the cheese flakes instead.. I think the waitress will be wondering why are we eating that!

The seafood pasta
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The scallop and prawn pizza, a must to order!
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The potatoes wedges with cheese.. not very nice as the potatoes is not soft enough.
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Finally Pamie came and we start ordering our main dishes.. finally!! Haha

Serene’s order: Hamburger Steak Curry, the sauce not bad.
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Pamie’s order: Gratin set, with a choice of pasta, gratin, and soup. Gratin is also a must try!
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My order: Clam soup pasta. Not that good. Feel that they should at light soy sauce to the soup, spoil the taste of the clam.
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Wanjing’s Orders: Pasta Half half set, comes with 2 small portion pasta and soup. Forget to take another pics of the pasta.
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Overall still not bad. The corn soup is nice also! I think the set menu is a good choice, more money worth while.

After eating, we went to Gelare to eat waffles, coz they are having the Tuesday half price waffles!!

Sexy butt Pamie ordering our waffles. 😛
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The rest of us take photos while waiting for her. My double eyelids show when I’m super tired..
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Now u see it (double eyelid) not you don’t!! Haha..
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Here comes our waffles!!
Was abit upset, they don’t have chocolate chips waffles only the pain one. We ordered 2 plain waffles with 1 icecream each.
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Serene enjoying her apple pie!
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My wear on that day! Pink smocked dress and wedges from VS. Not a pink colour fan, bought it because it suits my tan colour as the other colour they have is light blue, which doesn’t suits my skin tone.
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*no face to see ppl.. haha.. coz super tired face.. **

Before I end this entry.. one news to break:


I know I’m super excited and happy when I got selected, but after attending the first 2 lessons, I realised that I’m not suitable for counselor job. I still love psychology better. I wrong choice I moved..

Not sure if I can get my money back, but I hope I can get at least abit of money 🙁
I’m really glad my family and Benny support through my decision. And know I try to apply bachelor in psychology in one of the university. Hope I can get through in the march intake. And strive harder for $$! Coz the school fees is super duper ex! This university came to my mind before but was not my first choice coz of the school fees, but seems like I’m back to the orginal plan.. So hope they accpet my Diploma I taken in SIM.

Night night..


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