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Slowly everything is confirm, we have to get the plan started. We have finally settle the hotel with Conrad!!

Its really a tedious process of getting the hotel, confirming our date etc, coz intially we want to set our actual day in Oct, but almost all the hotel in Singapore are wipe out. Its so scary hur! So we got no choice but to choose another date, and throughout this process lots of arguments came up, don’t wish to talk about the details since its over, so guys please to plan your wedding early yah.

We are going to do our wedding ala carte, means no bridal package etc, not only that I’m having a SUNFLOWER wedding theme!! Haha.. sunflower is always my favourite flower, so I must have that in my wedding no matter what! Even though there will be more work, but still I think I’m going to enjoy the process.. hehe.. Te only headache part for now is the florist cost is abit off our budget, I mean even though how much I’m dying for a sunflower wedding, there is no way I’m going to spend few thousands bucks to get it, so got to crack my head on how to go about it..

Looking at the amount of time we have to get our dream wedding settle down, seems like not enough haha.. 300 plus days more to go to my actual wedding… πŸ˜›

Pics time!!
Conrad bear will be our wedding favors for the guest, not only that we have extra wedding favors to surprise the guest too!
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The beautiful hotel and beautiful day, where we will held our beautiful dream wedding πŸ™‚
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Marriage is once in a lifetime (at least for me I hope that, and hopefully Benny does think so), so both of us want to do what we like and enjoy, but at the end of the day, nothing beats a happy, blessful and a lifelong marriage life.

After the contract signing, I went to meet up with Melissa, Colleen, Danny and Scarlet at Wheelock place. Its a wonderful catching up with them with lots of laughter and gossip stuff..

Some serious or funny conversation… My expressions is priceless (and ugly) can! Look like Danny is talking some disgusted stuff.. but I think it is.. haha..
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Yummy dessert
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Group photos… we guys just can’t take group photos seriously, espcially Danny keep on talking making us laugh instead of smile beautifully infront of the camera -.-“
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Finally we manage to take a nice one.. but if u look closely some of our expressions look funny.. lolz..
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Nice catching up with them and miss them too! πŸ˜€


Chinese New Year mood is on!! Did some DIY decoration in my workplace… nice?? I hope the bright decoration will make everyone (espcially the boss) happy and cheerful.. πŸ˜€
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Night Night everyone!! Have a great weekend. πŸ˜€


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